New Moon Reading: October 15, 2012

A week late in posting, but I don’t want to break my streak!

Rather than merely drawing cards for the weeks this time round, I chose a direction for the spread: what developments in my path will come to light each week? In addition I drew cards to indicate how I could work with that card each of these weeks, to accomplish the goal.


Mary-El Tarot by Marie White; Schiffer Books, 2012. Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington; Sterling Ethos, 2011.

This New Moon [October 15] – The Fool
This connects directly to the Full Moon reading I did: the Fool begins a journey, but the chaos in this card is also very accurate. I feel surrounded – by delights, yes – but it is no less confusing and overwhelming for being wonderful and exciting.

Week leading up to First Quarter [October 21] – 7 of Swords / 7 The Archer
The undulating dragon motif of The Fool is repeated in the coils of their distant cousin, the snake. White and black intertwined, and their eyes are both emerald green; they are made from the same stuff. Raven (Trickster) holds a jewel (Light) – Snake has to reach the heights Raven can, if it wants the jewel. They’re making me work for it! Or perhaps it’s all about hitching a ride?

As for the Archer – WOW, nice direct correlation of cards there. This is about helping me aim, focus. Oh, wait; no. Helping me draw. Yes. Prepare, gather the energy, step up, unleash my potential.


Week leading up to Full Moon [October 29] – 4 of Wands / 13 The Journey

The Tree burns in the fire of destruction and (re)creation.

This card has a serious case of “need to reference the original art”. The printed deck being SO oversaturated makes my card look like the fires of hell – the tree is black and the flames are deep red and orange; it is an angry, ominous card. The original art – as in the picture above – tells a different story. The tree doesn’t look so much consumed by fire, as surrounded by it.

Then again, perhaps it is about being consumed, burned down so that new growth can sprout. (The companion guidebook likens this tree to the flaming phallus of the Emperor, but I don’t think it’s about teh sex lol that’s a penis)

Consumption, transformation, consumption, transformation.


Week leading up to Last Quarter [November 6] – 4 of Swords / 12 The Mirror
And then comes the rain. The lightning. The thunder. And above the storm, birds fly. (Another card that is far more oppressive in printing than the original.) According to the book, this card shows the twin towers ie. legs of the HP struck by the flaming phallus from the 4 of Wands. I don’t have any real thoughts on this card, other than the rain either spells relief, or an onslaught of a different kind.

More journeys, but over water (huh, like the rain in the 2 of Swords). Yeah, dunno. Wait and see, I guess.


Next New Moon [November 13] – 6 of Disks / King of Arrows (Kingfisher)
Oooh. Again with the snake-bird motif, but this time the snake is black and the wings are white. Also, the woman (angel – Gabriel) now embodies both of these creatures. In the background are the Trees of Knowledge of Good and Evil and Life and Death, which is in flames like the tree on the 4 of Wands, which is paired with the Death card. Huh. I like this card; it’s very _complete_. There’s a sense of grounded grace; a dancing kind of power. It’s hard to put into words.

(Beautiful colour story between the 6 of Disks and this card.) These are the little puns that make me wonder and laugh and laugh with wonder: one of the keywords for The Mirror is “the Fisher King”, and here we have the Kingfisher, a liminal bird that is equally capable in the air and the water.


(Quint is The World, which was the Wildwood’s jumper card when shuffling.)


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