Gauge Check Spread

This is a spread designed for evaluating an established relationship – whether personal or working – with sample cards to show how it might be read.


Wildwood tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan & Will Worthington; Sterling Ethos, 2011.

[1] Our relationship a year ago – 7 of Bows (Clearance)

The old stuff got burned to make way for this stronger, truer relationship.

[2] Our relationship as it stands now – Page of Vessels (Otter)

Here and there; transition; comfortable in its elements.  (The Otter’s position on the Wildwood Wheel is “approaching the season of Samhain”, appropriately enough! eta: spread was published originally on October 12th)

[3] Our potential relationship a year from now (if we continue as we are) – 1 The Shaman

It almost seems like trying to divine a future that is too uncertain (the fluidity of the Page of Vessels above) at this point!

[4a] My expectations of you – 12 The Mirror
[4b] What you actually deliver – 2 The Seer

Huh. These two are visually related, but I get a more “fairy tale” vibe from The Mirror (“The Mists of Avalon” is what pops into mind), whereas The Seer says, “Nope. The real deal.” They’re both cards about seeing – time to move from a vision of fantasy into clear reality.

[5a] Your expectations of me – 5 of Arrows (Frustration)
[5b] What I am actually delivering – 9 of Bows (Respect)

This cracked me right up. I just sat on the bed, chortling and chuckling my ass off; it got funnier each time I looked at it: “You have exceeded my expectations, young Skywalker.”

[6] What can I do to make this relationship more successful? – 5 of Bows (Empowerment)

Step up. Face your fears (which ties in with the 9 of Bows). EmPower yourself.

Marks will be awarded for participation

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