HOMG It’s Squeeeee O’ Clock!

First, there was the unlicensed version by Joe Rosales.

Then, there was the bootleg coloured version.

And now, at the intersection of kawaii and _srs magiz_, a bootleg of a bootleg of the unlicensed original:


Wait for it…


Wait for iiiitt…



Hello Kitty Tarot, reimagined by Brittany Tingey

Welcome to the colleciton, my darling one. I’ve been waiting for you for a long, looooong time.

While I recover my breath, you can read a more coherent review of the deck – WITH PICTURES – and links to all relevant info at Samhain Moon.

8 thoughts on “HOMG It’s Squeeeee O’ Clock!

    • submerina says:

      I KNOW, right?! Sanrio did come out with a deck a few years ago, but it was poorly executed and very disappointing. (I’m still on the lookout for the HK “personal massager” ifyaknowwhatImean ;))


    • submerina says:

      The tumblrverse is an amazing place, full of magic and wonders (and jackassery) – that’s where I saw it. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the artist’s website with her email address. Just email her to see if she has any stock. If it’s popular enough, I’m _sure_ she’ll do another print run.


    • submerina says:

      I’ve been waiting for this deck to come into my possession since the late 90’s so… YES!! I let Heidi know about it, but don’t know if she got one or not. HK + Thoth is SO her!


  1. Leelahel says:

    Whoa! Thanks for linking to me : ) I was just oggling at the Nusantara tarot on your page. It is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and I am so so so sad I can’t get my own copy! ;___; Hopefully someday.

    I’d like to note also that I mention the Hierophant spelled as Heirophant in Samhain Moon. This is an error that Brittany corrected for the newer printing, so all of the decks ordered in August/Sept/Oct should be spelled Hierophant.

    Isn’t the deck fun? I keep it on my desk permanently.


    • submerina says:

      No prob :) I’m glad I found your blog via searching for the HK Tarot – it’s good stuff!

      Yeah, the Nusantara is a heartbreaker and I think, if the AT forums are correct, that it’s OoP now. Another reason why I both love and hate visiting Adam McLean’s tarot blog – all those LE and foreign decks I’ll never have!

      I need to check my Hello Kitty for the Hiero spelling. I wouldn’t actually mind a misspelled one, as I _always_ spell it wrong and have to go back and correct myself! One of those things that get stuck in your brain and refuse to be changed.


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