Monster Moon Reading

Just by happenstance I felt like doing a full moon reading tonight. Then I find out it’s an Aries “monster moon” with dramatic Sabian Symbols attached to it. What could go wrong?

I should know better by now. It’s like looking through a smudgy window – I can see there’s something important on the other side, but the details are lost. I point to card 3: blinded by the light of the Devil. Yep, too many details to untangle right now. I’ll retreat to bed and leave my subconscious to uravel the details!


Mary-El Tarot by Marie White; Schiffer Books, 2012

[1] Clearing out the old junk with Pluto: What fades away into darkness (or needs to) – King of Cups

[2] Ushering in the new – NOW – with Uranus: What begins – The Fool

[3] When the demolition dust clears: What can be seen with (perhaps blinding) clarity – XV The Devil

[4] Finding True North (node): Where is home? – Queen of Cups

ETA Oct 7: This Queen has appeared in 3 readings for 3 different people this week! Guess it’s my turn. What is the difference between the King and Queen of Cups that could be separated out [1], leaving whatever is shown in this position? The King is (partially) submerged, whereas the Queen stands out of the water, distanced from it, implying that the King is more easily overcome by the water’s energy. However, Poseidon is a far more controlled force than Tiamat, a primal goddess of chaos/creation. Perhaps, in attempting to control something which is ultimately an unpredictable – chaotic – force (water/emotions/intution), you are more apt to drown in it. If you allow yourself to move with the natural rythmns, don’t fight the current, be like water, then you can rise above.

[5] Shadow of the moon: Yourself – 8 of Disks  (This card is drawn from the bottom of the deck)


-The Moon- is a topographically-accurate LED light that was created by -nosigner- based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya [click]

(Ha ha! Published on the exact minute of the full moon here. Completely unintentionally.)

3 thoughts on “Monster Moon Reading

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I never think to do readings at particular times. I did do a reading yesterday for a friend, kind of out of the blue. Love that moon light. I don’t know where I’d put such a thing, but wouldn’t that be too cool to have?


  2. Magic Mentha (@MagicMentha) says:

    I totally had a hard time interpreting this supposedly monstrous moon. I did feel tense, yes, and my daughter hadn’t been sleeping well around that time, but I actually was hoping for something more INTERESTING to happen. But you know what they say…sometimes interesting isn’t good, so maybe it’s not so bad. :)


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