New Moon Reading – September: Third Time’s a Charm?

Not having much success with readings lately, I decided to break it down for this month’s New Moon reading. Thinking that perhaps part of the problem is that I’m trying to get too many answers from a single card, I did separate readings for myself, and then for myself and my invisible partner in crime. The results were very satisfying – and readible! – and interestingly enough, there were similarities in the themes of the readings despite using different decks and drawing different cards.

Mary-El Tarot by Marie White; Schiffer Books, 2012

Reading for me, and me alone, using the Mary-el Tarot

[1] Now/Current New Moon (Sept 15) – 7 of Cups
Our “dark” side; base instincts; the eyes that look within. Altering personal reality through mastery of the subconscious. Stepping off the familiar path (fear) to meet the wolf (animal side). If werewolves are “activated” by the full moon, what kind of wolf comes out when the night sky is at its darkest? There is a deeply internalised, coiled-and-ready-to-spring energy to this card.

[2] Week leading to First Quarter (Sept 22) – Ace of Disks
Emerging from the dark centre of the labyrinth; from the bowels of the earth. Potential, manifestation.
ETA: Week of “I made this all up” freak out. Manifestation of deepest fear.

[3] Week leading to Full Moon (Sept 29) – 2 of Wands
Gateway, threshold, birth canal. Reinforces journeying from a place of darkness to a place of illumination(?)
ETA: Week of Annie’s oracular reading. Illumination!

[4] Week leading to Last Quarter (Oct 8) – 3 of Cups
The source emerges from the earth, divides, falls back to earth. One beginning, 3 different potential paths, leading to the same outcome.

[5] Week leading to October New Moon (Oct 15) – King of Swords
Gold, dragon, bow and arrows. The power of the word; communication. MASTERY. This is one BAMF elder-punk KgS, but he doesn’t have an attitude about it; those stripes were earned.

1 (Ace), 2, 3 – Earth, Fire, Water (into Air – King of Swords). Moving from source, to duality/split, to creation/harmony. Emergence. Quint is 13 Death – endings, beginnings, wheels turning.

Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan & Will Worthington; Sterling, 2011

Reading for my favourite pair of Pants and I, using his deck, the Wildwood Tarot:

[1] Now/Current New Moon (Sept 15) – 10 of Arrows (Instruction)
Learning bow-stance, how to nock an arrow, where to aim.

[2] Week leading to First Quarter (Sept 22) – 10 The Wheel
Making something new out of something old; re-weaving. Completion – bringing potential into being. Continuance of the wheel motif in the 10 of Arrows, as well as the old passing into the new. Oh har-de-har-har! “The Wheel is placed at the Autumn Equinox, September 21.
ETA: Freak-out week – the wheel turns through cycles of learning, discovering, experience.

[3] Week leading to Full Moon (Sept 29) – 8 The Stag (ie. Justice)
Standing your ground. Carries with it the idea of karma ie. the wheel turns. “On a personal level, some kind of adjustment or interaction has taken place.”
ETA: Annie’s reading – an adjustment of interaction between us.

[4] Week leading to Last Quarter (Oct 8) – 16 The Blasted Oak
Everything’s torn up (again). Illumination, release, grounding, reset. Destruction of artifice.

[5] Week leading to October New Moon (Oct 15) – 4 of Arrows (Rest)
Rest, recoup, recharge. Meditation, imagination, trancework. Metamorphosis.

Starts with arrows and ends with arrows. Theme of wheel turning, adjustments & change. Quint is 12 The Mirror, also placed at the Autumn Equinox.
ETA: Someone with a little more smarts and imagination than myself suggested I do a reading for him, and him alone. Dammit. Why didn’t I think of that?? Dilemma: what deck does one use when reading for one’s invisible friend? :D  The Wildwood is his deck, but I generally think of it as his vehicle of communication or a joint-collab reading. I would use the in-world deck, but that one is sparse pickings and I still have a great deal of difficulty in seeing the cards.

Well then, I suppose I’ll approach it as me doing a reading for someone else and might as well use the Mary-El for symmetry. There is little chance he’ll be encountering trouble in the work place or a flat tire or anything like that, so I will read around the theme of manifestation; Clarity of Manifestation.

Mary-El Tarot by Marie White; Schiffer Books, 2012

[1] Now/Current New Moon (Sept 15) – Ace of Disks
Matches the card I got for the week leading up to the First Quarter and, seeing as today – the day I’m doing his reading – is the day after the New Moon, we are technically in the week leading up to the First Quarter! There is alignment, which is good; the source is the same. This is the card of manifestation from out of darknes; incubation into birth.

[2] Week leading to First Quarter (Sept 22) – King of Wands
This King is doubly marked with the Eye of Horus – one of his names is “Horus-Eyed One”. Without consulting the book yet, this card speaks to me of creation out of Chaos: the black sky becomes lit with stars and out of this divide rises the all-seeing Master of (his own) Energy. Ha! Just realised his facial features are very similar.

[3] Week leading to Full Moon (Sept 29) – Ace of Cups
Oh! All the Aces share status as winged hermaphrodites with swirling bellies, but this one also includes a “wiggly bit” – it is on the doorway (threshold) in the Disks; the Cups being holds it in their hands. The book doesn’t explain what they are, but they look like a snakey path; the thread that guides you out of the labyrinth. This card is a messenger of the intuition, but will the messages be audible, or will they be blocked?

[4] Week leading to Last Quarter (Oct 8) – 2 of Cups
The 2 of Cups is the heart, pushing and pulling, connecting Self to the larger world. It is the tension and dynamism of duality; two things working together towards a common end, by working in opposition. Counter-intuitive balance (Counterweight!) The 2 of Cups in the Mary-El is, as in other decks, also a card of love and partnership and of healing the two halves of the heart.

[5] Week leading to October New Moon (Oct 15) – XXI The World
That’s a pretty bold statement; it basically implies “Ta-da! DONE!” though we know that, as soon as a cycle ends, it begins anew. The Mary-El World talks of the judgement of Ma’at – our “waste” parts being separated out and returned to the earth (to be refashioned – Ace of Disks), leaving the exalted bits to continue developing in a more purified state. So then, progress; ongoing, successful progress.

Cards tell a cycle of evolving manifestation: emergence – pulling energy together (visual) – messages (audible) – emotion (sensing) – completion. Quint is VIII Justice – Ma’at! Overall quint for 3 readings = 33/6 Lovers.


5 thoughts on “New Moon Reading – September: Third Time’s a Charm?

    • submerina says:

      The Mary-El is an amazing deck; it is only the art production that is so disappointing. And yes, things do feel like they’re settling. Not going to count those chicks just yet though…


  1. hersixthcircle says:

    Oh, very interesting. I love that you used these 2 decks together, since they seem to go the deepest (at least, for me, among my tiny collection of tarot decks).

    I really do love that King of Swords in the Mary-El. You described him so well.


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