Sigil Catch ‘n’ Release

Buddha Board

The Man came home from a recent trip with a novel little toy (to add to our ever-growing collection of novel little toys) – a Buddha Board. The marketing concept behind it caused my eyes to roll so far back in my head it was 1986 again (weeeee Madonna bracelets!!), but once I’d “painted” the mandatory ensō, lady front-garden (avec rocking 70’s porno bush) and giant cock and balls (don’t LIE; you would totally have done the same), I realised the perfect application for this yuppie (or whatever we call them now) toy:


I don’t nececessarily subscribe to the set-it-and-forget-it NOW method of charging (in fact, I’ve had much better results with gently-absorbing-over-an-extended-period-of-time), but the Buddha Board seems expressly made for this purpose. Depending on how hot and dry your environment is, you have anything from only a few seconds to several minutes to paint and charge your sigil before it’s gone forever.

(Gordon at Rune Soup has far more knowledge and experience with this than I do!)


9 thoughts on “Sigil Catch ‘n’ Release

    • submerina says:

      Well, The Man and I were certainly giggling like a pair of 6-year-olds (while my 23-year-old nephew in law just shook his head) It was unanimously decided that I painted the lady front garden with something approaching (WELL-)practised ease – all in one stroke! ngl I’m a pervert.


  1. Thalia says:

    Now hang on lady when did you write this? I was just over at my place writing about affirmations, and how they’re a type of sigil, really, to put it in that order, ha. I was even wondering if you could what does Gordon call it robofish affirmations, too, to pull them all up powerwise. Weiiiird.

    Also lately I’ve been feeling like not writing, though I’m over that I think as of today (wheeeee) and was wondering about how you ‘haven’t been good with words’ lately and if like there were maybe something in the air. Spooky…..


    • submerina says:

      Before you – and I can only say that with such assuredness because I check your blog compulsively! Are you talking about Gordon’s “shoaling” technique? This board would be a great way of rapidly firing off a bunch of scribbles, for sure. The woo-o-sphere has been theorising about the “something in the air”; talk of Recruiting like woah, for some reason as yet unknown. I dunno. Not my circus and I have my own monkeys to look after.


      • Thalia says:

        Well not just the shoaling, but the ‘robofish’ thing he was talking about, which, if I’ve got this right, means including something that is already done or has already happened as a sigil, which pulls all the others up with it. So I was wondering if for example with affirmations I could say something like “I have brown eyes” (which I do) to help the others along.

        Guess I’m woefully out of touch with the Greater Woösphere; if there’s something in the air it seems like it’s backwards for you and me, especially last summer, yikes. I couldn’t see anything at all, well, you know. You aren’t also one of those people who does things widdershins, are you?

        Or maybe I’m just a contrary sort. Not being recruited that I can see, though things are pretty active with the uh local Boy, which you have really really heard about by now, because you check my blog compulsively, ha. :)


        • submerina says:

          I had to go back and re-read Gordon to find the new technique. How do I always miss so much??; maybe because he tends to cover at least a dozen topics in each entry. That’s a good idea – tricking the Magickverse by sliding a Truth in there. Very sneaky… I like it (and OMG I love what you did with “Woösphere”!)

          Off to check your blog now HA!


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