Lenormand Daily Draw: Tower + Fish

This one was for yesterday; I didn’t pull any cards for today

TOWER = authority; corporations; management
FISH = money; business transactions

Once again, a pairing that indicates my work environment. With the Tower showing up I thought we might get a visit from the higher-ups (we didn’t). The Tower is another card associated with the spine and back, so it might as well have been pointing to (another) day that was tough on my back. Or maybe it was all about the Fish showing I’d really need a drink after work ;)

My Lenormand of choice is the French Cartomancy by Lo Scarabeo.


One thought on “Lenormand Daily Draw: Tower + Fish

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Hmm, wonder if the Tower there indicates things yet to be revealed that are happening at the management level (but then again, when is that not the case?). How did fish come to be equated with money and business?


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