Dark Moon Month Ahead Spread

Lo Scarabeo Tarot by Mark McElroy and Anna Lazzarini; Lo Scarabeo, 2007.

[1] Now/This New Moon (July 18) – 4 of Cups
Dissatisfaction; boredom; apathy; self-absorbed; taking love for granted

I don’t especially feel any of these things (which is strange in and of itself – the 4 of Cups used to be my default setting. This is actually a nice realisation to have!), so maybe it just points to business-as-usual, with nothing out of the ordinary happening. Possibly a lack of commitment to anything? Maybe; I’ve been too physically tired to really focus on anything specific this week.

[2] Week of First Quarter (July 26) – 5 of Swords
Victimised; isolation; caught in the middle; trapped; defeat

Expect a setback or disappointment of some sort. After the 4 of Cups, it’s almost as if I’m failing to see something that’s right in front of me; feeling alone, when I’m not. It could also be pointing (so pointy) towards treachery/betrayal of some sort, luckily not for me (I’m pretty sure), but around me (if certain things that have been building go down).

[3] Week of Full Moon (August 1) – King of Coins
Practical; reliable; stable; business; adept

A powerful, grounded card to follow the 4C and 5S. It seems I will be back on level ground come the full moon; back in the driver’s seat. At work it will be a time of extreme organization, requiring some gentle bossiness on my part as we prepare for the yearly Judgement From On High. I will be channelling my inner King of Coins, ohhhh yes.

[4] Week of Last Quarter (August 9) – Ace of Cups
New beginning; rebirth of love; deep spiritual desires

I always become more “open” as the new moon approaches and Mercury goes direct on August 8, possibly aiding in clearing whatever mists might be clouding my perception. Oh oh oh this is getting so interesting (read the card below first): on the 9th of August, my psychic and mental biorthyms intersect – Cups and Mercury align!

[5] Next New Moon (August 17) – 8 Strength

Do you see that? New Moon in the month of Leo ha ha! Oh, but wait – the moon is in the sign of Leo on the 17th (switching to Virgo that night) too! My biorythmic chart has Aug. 17 as a peak “psychic” day (oh, and that’s because it aligns with the moon being in the sign of my birth – Virgo -, as it is today!) Wait, did I get distracted again? :D

Quint/Theme for the Month – 18 The Moon

REALLY. Be warned, fellow Tarotistas, this is what happens when you trim a deck of its borders. Suddenly it becomes the merry prankster, operating far outside the boundaries of its designated duties. Well-played, LS Deluxe, well-played.



6 thoughts on “Dark Moon Month Ahead Spread

    • submerina says:

      And I forgot to mention: the lion and the virgin on the card = moon moving from Leo into Virgo on that day o_O



  1. Thalia says:

    Oooh, wonder where you got that idea? I’d have to credit Gordon myself. I should put mine up. We got a couple of the same cards, like the Moon and Ace of Cups; I just got through with the Four of Cups, too. Spooky!


    • submerina says:

      Actually, total synchronicity! I had mine all done before you ever posted about doing one for yourself and I haven’t visited Gordon in a while :D Guess we were all on the same page tere – something about this moon must have been especially important! Interesting that we got similar cards too.


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