Lenormand Daily Draw: Cross + Tree

CROSS = burden; necessity; religion; trials
TREE = health; ancestry; roots; patience; boredom

(The Cross emphasises the card following it.) The Cross rules the lower back and general “spentness”, so with the Tree, a strong indicator of lower back pain. Tomorrow being what tomorrow is, back pain and tiredness are a certainty! It should also be “business as usual” ie. a pretty uneventful/boring day.

So: Yup, nothing out of the ordinary. Moderate lower back pain, bone-tired, and definitely some TRIALS requiring PATIENCE when it came to dealing with the vast amounts of human stupidity that forced its way into my life today! Like the mighty oak, I shall endure *world-weary sigh*

My Lenormand of choice is the French Cartomancy by Lo Scarabeo.

3 thoughts on “Lenormand Daily Draw: Cross + Tree

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    These cards seem really good for general ‘predictive’ readings, rather than any sort of deep insight into a person’s psyche. I’m trying to be good about not buying any cards for awhile now, I’ve really gone overboard since I got my new job (just coughed up an obscene amount for the second English edition of the Victorian Romantic from Baba Studio. I sprang for the full package. OUCH!)

    Speaking of ouch, hope your back’s not too bad :(


    • submerina says:

      Thanks – back is just regular strain-pain from physical work, but it makes me groan like an old woman! Sooooo sexy ;)

      Lenormand = predictive in a way that tarot never could be (for me). As you work your way up from two-card combos to a line-of-five to le Grand Tableau, the amount of insight you can achieve expands.

      For what it’s worth, you could make your own Lenormand using a regular deck of playing cards – just write the name of the card on the face, with a direction indicator for eg. Clouds, Scythe. The images aren’t meant to be visual cues like in tarot, so you don’t strictly need them.


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