Lenormand Daily Draw: Snake + Scythe



SNAKE = a woman; complications; deceit; unpredictability
SCYTHE = danger; cutting; accidents

Important to note that the SCYTHE is facing away fom the SNAKE. I drew another card to see what the SCYTHE points towards and got the RIDER, which could indicate vehicle trouble. I walk everywhere, except for tomorrow when I will be taking transit to a doctor’s appt! Add in the unpredictability of SNAKE and there could be a delay of some kind (also LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING). Forewarned is forearmed? The area of health the SCYTHE rules is dental and I have been having increasing amounts of sensitivity and mild tooth pain.

So: I didn’t get hit by a bus – yay! But there were COMPLICATIONS with my TRANSPORT today and I briefly thought I had lost my wallet (I left it at home for the FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE). My teeth are also hurting more – I MUST see the dentist!

My Lenormand of choice is the French Cartomancy by Lo Scarabeo.


6 thoughts on “Lenormand Daily Draw: Snake + Scythe

  1. Thalia says:

    Oh I see what you’re doing; you’re drawing it and recording first thing what you think will work, then coming back to the draft at the end of the day and rechecking then publishing it. Did I get that right? I might be confused lately, ha.


    • submerina says:

      You got it! Between your being confused (thoughI think it’s more a case of “having better things to think of”) and my being confusing… ;D


  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Umm… what do you mean that the scythe is facing away from the snake? The way the cards are side-by-side there, the man on the Scythe card is facing the woman on the snake card.

    Good luck with the dentist. Bleah. Hate dentists. :(


    • submerina says:

      First of all, it would help if I included the correct card image! Fixed now :)

      The blade of the Scythe is facing away from the Snake card and towards the imaginary Rider to the right. In Lenormand, the inset face cards don’t influence; they are merely secondary indicators of a possible “dark haired woman” etc. The Gentleman and Lady cards (28 + 29) are the only ones where it matters which direction the people are facing (sometimes).

      It’s a much simpler system than tarot, one where the meanings are very much set in stone and not open to intuitive interpretation.


        • submerina says:

          The LWB that came with this book isn’t that great (it uses REVERSALS! Lenormand don’t do reversals, baby) and there aren’t very many English books on Lenormand. Luckily, the Lenormand having such a fixed set of meanings, it’s easy enough to look up the basics on the internet. The trick is to memorize the meanings and then learn how the cards work together and take it from there.


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