Spread of 9 Past Life Connection Reading

I found this spread on andybc’s – now defunct – blog (his new blog), while looking up Lenormand theory, and decided it would be a good one to test-drive the newly-trimmed and so-happy-to-be-freeeee Lo Scarabeo Deluxe.

The spread examines a potential past-life connection with someone in your present life. Please practise extreme discretion when using spreads like this to read for other people. I am not psychic and I cannot determine my past – or anyone’s – with any amount of accuracy. This is for my entertainment, and mainly an intellectual exercise.

I tested a few options and got very definite “no” answers, until I hit a “yes” for The Man. Funnily, these answers were all delivered by way of jumper cards!  My gut tells me our paths haven’t intersected a great deal, so this should be interesting.  (Lady Courts = moi, manly Courts = The Man)

ETA April 2015: As the original source is missing, this is how you lay the spread:

  1. Remove the Fool from the deck
  2. Shuffle, spread the cards out – face down – and pick 9 as you feel *drawn* to them
  3. Add the Fool to these 9 cards and shuffle again
  4. Lay the cards out face up in 3 rows of 3, starting from the bottom right, and placing the cards in a right-to-left, bottom-to-top manner
  5. When the Fool shows, place the next card on top of it – this is where your paths intersect for the first time, or when the intersecting leads to lasting consequences
  6. Past lives are read starting from the bottom right; each card is a different lifetime
  7. The top row is all this lifetime; right card how it starts, left card how it ends; middle card where you are now


Lo Scarabeo tarot by Mark McElroy and Anna Lazzarini; Lo Scarabeo, 2007.

[9] Death

Well then. I guess that’s that. (The Black Plague? *shrug*)

[8] Fool – Wheel of Fortune

Clearly, this is where it begins, both by the presence of the Fool and the turning of the Wheel. Of. Fortuuune!

[7] 3 of Swords

And we’re off to a rocky start! Thanks for playing; better luck next time. I wonder if this card points to a love triangle? How wonderfully YA cliché of me!

[6] Queen of Coins

It’s-a me! My gut reaction is that I decided “Eff that shit for a lark” and went my own way. This queen seems very into her own and immersed in the sensory wonders of the world. She’s also guarding that coin like a baby (or a drum): After the 3 of Swords, I guard my heart (that beats like a drum). With the queenie aspect of this card, perhaps I chose to marry (or was married off, more likely *tragic*) for money, not love.

[5] 6 of Cups

Still an emphasis on pleasure and sensuality, only more so. Though this is a water card, she is holding an apple (?) and wearing a circlet of flowers – earth holds influence over this card. I think I’m still on my own here, sexing up the land ANDJUSTASITYPETHAT I remember that it’s a stock joke in our family that I must have been a saloon girl or something similar in a past life because of my taste in clothing (and various other sundry reasons that have become lost in the evolution of this joke) HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

[4] Ace of Coins

And then a change comes. It’s a new beginning, while remaining in the realm of earth. Something was offered, presented, a blessing; planted, germinated. Forgiveness? If there was a relationsip here, it was a gentle friendship that served to heal and repair. It is visually interesting that this card and the 6 of Cups are holding something out to each other, no? I give you money for a bit of your, umm, fruit *NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK*

[3] 10 of Cups

Well THAT’S a good place to start a connection! There is great potential for a rewarding, peaceful, happy, family experience. The 10 is an end point as well, which reminds me of the idea I had regarding the severing of ancestral obligation in this lifetime. Come to think of it, the figures saluting the Cup could be ancestors (the card is kind-of “heavenly/summerlands”). Huh.

[2] Queen of Swords

Oh hai, it’s me again, in the most smack-you-in-the-face-no-room-for-doubt way possible – the Queen of Swords is my current incarnation. She is looking for Truth – always looking for Truth – and can be seen to be emotionally uninvolved. I’m an INTP; I won’t even bother arguing against this. Need to remember that those thoughts can kill and to come down from the clouds once in a while. It’s almost as if after being so “earthy”, I have swung in the complete opposite direction.

[1] 2 of Cups

Happily ever after? This is a union that sees eye-to-eye and benefits both partners if I can learn to drop my sword and stop clutching at my coin-heart so dearly. It’s nice to finally see a card with a male figure in it – obviously we are dealing with my issues here and he’s the poor bastard who gets to go along for the ride! Shame. Poor Fool.

I dub this reading – and the LSD – a success! Colour me gently surprised and impressed.

5 thoughts on “Spread of 9 Past Life Connection Reading

  1. Thalia says:

    I’ll have to give this one a try myself, though it looks pretty complicated and it’s going to take me a couple read-throughs to get the gist of it.


    • submerina says:

      It’s not as complicated as it reads (I saw this once I laid the cards).

      – Remove the Fool
      – Shuffle, spread
      – Pick 9 cards
      – Add the Fool, shuffle
      – Lay face up from the bottom row up, right to left
      – If the Fool shows, place the next card on top of the Fool
      – The Fool shows the point where things get serious (from what I understood)
      – Past lives are read starting from the bottom right; each card is a different lifetime
      – The top row is all this lifetime; right card how it starts, left card how it ends; middle card where you are now

      I think you’ll have better luck with your him than I did, as you know for a fact that you have a past lifetime connection. I don’t know if me and mine _do_ – though does that make SENSE?? – or if he just doesn’t want to talk about it.


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