Lenormand Daily Draw: Child + Snake

CHILD = something new; beginning; innocence
SNAKE = a woman; complications; deceit

Hmm. Complications with the beginning of something? A woman lying to a “child”?
Draw another card.

MICE = slow loss; “gnawing” (especially on the card to their left)

The complication of SNAKE is emphasised by the loss of MICE. I have no idea. Today is my day off and I have no plans for interacting with anyone or anything. We’ll see.

So: I got an unexpected international phone call from a FEMALE friend who has been having COMPLICATIONS (several months’ worth of delays) moving into her new (BEGINNING) house. Good enough for me!


My Lenormand of choice is the French Cartomancy by Lo Scarabeo.

Marks will be awarded for participation

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