Invocation of The Doctah

Minimalist Doctors by psychopotato *click*

I am putting this here because WHY THE HELL NOT.

It’s geared for #10, but I’m sure it can be adjusted for any of the Doctors, based on their individual quirks. Enjoy invoking your own Space Boyfriend In a Box!



4 thoughts on “Invocation of The Doctah

  1. Thalia says:

    Awww, chaos magic is just so *cute* sometimes.

    Though I was like, eh? why would I do that ritual? The dude’s *right* here. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof or better (yeah, I said it, *better.* For one, not afraid of commitment. For two, he actually freakin’ answers questions. Mostly. For three, he doesn’t commonly trail death and destruction). As one of the whacked-out-woo-kids, obv. Obv, obv, obv.

    Your theory makes sense. So, God-character in a movie that isn’t really the God but looks a lot like Him, sort of. Wonder where the real thing ends and the character begins. Because you’d think playing a God (even if they aren’t technically Gods in the story) would involve some kind of genuine channelling or tapping into the real thing in there somewhere. So yeah, that could be really quite confusing, couldn’t it.

    Also, LOVE that last tag. Yes please.


    • submerina says:

      On one of the ChM tumblrs I follow, someone made a kawaii version of the chaos sigil HA HA HA!!! (for invoking giggling Japanese schoolgirls, I presume…) It certainly is whimsical fuckery at its finest! You got the upgraded model :)

      There are some who say exactly that – that there was some heavy channelling/riding happening and that that’s exactly the type of thing He would do for funsies and to make an impression. I’ve seen stills of some scenes and candid shots that are quite, hmm, “WOAH” is the only word. There is such visible _rage_ and madness there and yes, he is an actor but have you seen him try to be intimidating outside of the film? About as menacing as a box of kittens.

      Still, whether just a frighteningly talented actor with a genius sense for PR or an independently-generated godform or what, I dunno. But woo! I like to bounce these ideas around inside the padded walls of my skull. (Oh, and I am completely over it. Happened all of a sudden 2 weeks ago or so: delirious mania one day, complete clarity the next. Very odd.)


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