Video clip isn’t the best, but every other one I could find had too many MOMENT spoilers. This one gives an idea of the visual feast to expect.

Have I mentioned The Fall here before? I must have; I’m so in love with that exquisite piece of cinematic beauty – and that’s after only watching it once a few years ago. Last night I watched it for the second time. It was even more beautiful than I remembered and it unexpectedly shook up my internal etch-a-sketch. I feel all smooooooothed out today. After the recent turmoil, it’s like finally wearing glasses that have the correct prescription. Aaaaaaaahhh.

This morning I log on and find news of the Venus transit everywhere (and that right after the eclipse yesterday). Huh. WELL. I have Venus conjunct to my Sun in Cancer, so this sort of… pulls everything under Venus’ influence back into line for me. I’ll take it! (Of course, it’s overcast and raining here today – as it ALWAYS IS whenever something’s happening up there in the great beyond -, so no transit spotting for me.)

If you haven’t watched The Fall, I highly recommend you rectify that! Fair warning: have a couple of Kleenex handy. It is a salvation story of the mythical, internal landscape, fairy tale variety; it will do a Chuck Norris on your heart and then kiss it whole again. There is COLOUR and SYMBOLISM and epic BEAUTY and I’m going to watch again right now…


2 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Madame Nadia says:

    I LOVE this film! Some of the most incredible cinematography, and a beautifuly-intricate plot. An adult fairytale par excellence.


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