(Literal) Illumination

15th C. Book of Hours

Something pretty to inspire (while I develop my own oracular system oh yes it’s true):

The little book of hours of Amiens Nicolas Blairie carefully written on a thin pink ruling, but modestly decorated with a few original pictures in ink, has the curious shape of an almond when closed. When it opens, the two halves of the almond bloom to fit the contours of a heart, concrete evocation of the heart of the worshiper that opens to prayer


Using Super Mario to explain the internal logic of Gothic manuscript illuminations

Celebrating a century of Voynich


6 thoughts on “(Literal) Illumination

    • submerina says:

      I see some people’s journals, filled with their beautiful handwriting and creative layouts and I just want to throw my pens across the room!!! _Basic_ calligraphic scripts aren’t actually that hard to learn, and the fancy ones can be “ingested” by tracing over and over and over fonts that catch your eye. It starts by learning that script and then your own letters start to flow by themselves.


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