Hekate’s Key Spread

I had been saving this spread for a while (sourced at Flaming Thyrsos) and was reminded of it a couple of days ago after seeing a mention of iris on another blog. Using the Ancient Feminine Wisdom oracle – with lovely art by Kay Steventon – to go along with this spread’s inspiration source.


Ancient Feminie Divine Oracle by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark; U.S. Games Inc, 2007

[1] The Bow (also called the Handle): Your goal or journey – Flora (Renewal)

The thematic undercurrent of what I feel my personal work is – renewal through pleasure – continues, especially when taken in combination with the next card. There’s also repetition of the cards that keep appearing in readings – regardless of the question or how much (non)sense it makes): Spring. Spring. Spring.

[2] The Neck (also called shank or stem): The path to your goal – Maenads (Revelry)

Aaaah. Revelry, related to pleasure. Dance, to me. The ecstasy of Dance, as the Maenads know. Ladies devoted to the wildness of Dionysos and all He represents. Intuitively, I know this is about opening up (which is what keys are for…) and… joining heaven and earth, which can only be properly achieved if you are grounded to begin with. Grounded in your own body. Shii-it. That’s a hard one for me.

[3] Collar (also called throat): Qualities & Strengths – Auxo (Increase)

I don’t see this as being something which is already there, but something which must be done, no, CULTIVATED: INCREASE. Auxo is the Hôra of Spring growth, specifically. Ah, according to Karl Kerenyi, “Hôra means ‘the correct moment’.” Then Auxo represents the correct moment for increase? And if this card represents a quality or strength then I assume I am at the point where I am ready for this increase.

[4] The Blade: Skills, Knowledge or Guidance – Psyche (Soul Awakening)

Again, I’m going to assume that’s what I’m experiencing, bit by bit – Psyche’s journey. And who is Psyche’s partner in crime? Eros; the very nature of the daimonic. Part of Psyche’s journey is learning to trust Eros. I’ve a ways to go yet on this journey, but I will gain the skills I need if I follow through.

[5] Teeth: When the Key turns, will the Door open? – Cassandra (Intuition)

Um, that’s a “YES!” I think and quite a logical follow-on from Psyche. A “yes” with a word of caution attached (you might be sorryyyyyy)? If I choose to go make this journey, then it is my (implied) choice to accept where it takes me. Beware the “gifts” of the gods. Just for fun, I thought I’d see where I have Kassandra (114) in my chart: Aquarius 19-20 A Large White Dove Bearing A Message in the 2nd House. My chart is devoid of Aquarius, devoid of a belief in personal worth (that’s a door I would dearly like to open). The white dove of spirit/intuition/Higher Self is bravely flying through that barren wasteland.

[6] Pin: Final Outcome – Iris (Rainbow)

Oh! I know it’s hard to get a *bad* reading from an oracle, but this is really good. Iris bridges the expanse between the Heavens and the Underworld, carrying the messages of the Gods (Cassandra). In this deck She symbolises union, initiation and ascent into consciousness (Psyche). I like the way Her pose mimics that of the maenad – the destination circles back to the starting point and, being a messenger, maybe she can help that white dove make the journey?


4 thoughts on “Hekate’s Key Spread

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    For some reason this post never showed up in blogs I read page. Not the first time that’s happened, I might add. I’ve never even heard of this oracle before, I think I like it better than her Spiral Tarot.


    • submerina says:

      I’m having the same issues – post not showing up, can’t follow blogs etc. Might be platform overhauling or something.

      It’s a beautiful oracle and I like it especially because it’s based in mythology, rather than new-age-something-or-other. I _understand_ it, which allows me to freestyle-free associate interpretations. “Abundance” means more when there’s a story behind it.


  2. Thalia says:

    Oh I had an Iris in my deck when I first made it; I ripped it up, though, because it looked like my devastating-unrequited-really-fell-hard-hard-so-hard as you say ‘Boy’ that made 1998 so brutal for me. I dreamt of that kid last night, after reading your last post just before I slept. Weird that you’re talking about all these things. Don’t know what to make of it. Probably just coincidences, yes?


    • submerina says:

      Something about waters getting stirred up; things float to the surface. I love hearing the personal stories behind your deck’s creation, even if it includes cards being ripped up *clutches chest*


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