Karyn Crisis Tarot Art

High Priestess by Karyn Crisis

Don’t have anything to say for myself, but look! Feast your eyes on intense tarot paintings by Karyn Crisis (found via the always amazeballs Phantasmaphile).

On her blog, Karyn speaks a bit about the creation of the paintings:

The day I began to study Tarot in the forest I wrote in my sketchbook regarding the major Arcana cards: “My goal is to depict visually the state of consciousness each archetype portrays. This requires study of the Trumps and their meanings, rather than to just interpret artistically the names of each archetype.”

I haven’t felt this *grabby hands* for a while…

Select prints can be purchased at the artist’s etsy shop; all paintings completed so far can be viewed at her website.

Emperor – Justice – Temperance by Karyn Crisis


2 thoughts on “Karyn Crisis Tarot Art

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    These are simply astounding. I don’t know how you find this stuff, does it call to you when you’re sleeping? These are some of the finest, most powerful Tarot images I have ever seen.

    I would love to have the freedom that she has as an artist to add some pizzazz to my personal grooming. I’d never work again, of course, so I don’t. Any idea if she’s going to publish these images as a deck? Seems unlikely since she’s selling off the original paintings :(


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