Our Lady of Transformation

Another one from Kirstenbosch

A prominent feature of the botanical gardens is a permanent sculpture garden featuring ever-changing original and unique Mambo pieces. My friend and I were drawn to the one shown below, partly because of her saintly nature and partly because we were delighted by the birds that were sitting on her head (as opposed to any of the other statues in nearby vicinity).

When we got closer to examine the beautiful stone, we saw this:

I see Swallowtail and Monarch I think (click to enlarge)

Dozens of caterpillars making their pilgramage to pupate. The entire base of the statue was crawling with them – all making their way upwards – and there were pupae on both sides of her face.* Only on this statue, no other. Only on the Lady.

Oh, but it’s the angle of the sun and just the right amount of exposure and blah blah rational thought blah. I still say, that’s a DAMN fine bit of coincidence right there, son (also, what’s it like to live a life so devoid of awe and wonder?)

The gardens have always been a happy, magical place for me. Nothing’s changed.


* If anyone’s thinking, “No wonder there were so many birds on her head – free lunch!” – they were all tiny seed eaters and hummingbirds, so no threat to the butterflies-in-training


3 thoughts on “Our Lady of Transformation

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Err, reminds me of ‘Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan” where those nasty little critters crawl into people’s ears and into their brains to control them! :)

    That is cool. What were some of the other statues in the area?


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