Too Gorgeous. Weep With Me.

Benjamin Harff – an art student – hand-illuminated and bound a copy of The Silmarillion for an exam, as one does (click links for more).

The only reasonable comment I can come up with is *HHHNnRGH*

Hand-illuminated Silmarillion by Benjamin Harff

Hand-illuminated Silmarillion by Banjamin Harff


8 thoughts on “Too Gorgeous. Weep With Me.

  1. Thalia says:

    You know, having read the article now I have to say that this is the first thing in a long time that gives me hope. I wasn’t expecting that.

    I am of course an illustrator, but also (of course; have you noticed my last name, the one that I was crazy enough to legally change it to about ten years ago now) a serious, serious, Tolkien fan; for my own degree project I illustrated some of Beren and Lúthien’s story. But I fell out of it, and had always felt like I missed my chance when the LoTR movies came along. As for the Hobbit, currently filming, there are a couple people I went to school with who work at WETA; we had a major falling-out and it would be a very, very good thing if I never ever see them again, so scratch that. So I’d figured that was just one of those things that was never going to happen.

    But I read that article, and I saw how the Tolkien fans of the internet picked up on it, and I realized there is, well, help out there. That if I did some illustrations on my own, somebody would probably see them, and it could well (easily, almost, I’d think) result in goodness a job or something. I mean, with luck, and work, and knock on wood, but I do know I’m good at this art stuff. Really really good. So, thank you. A lot.


    • submerina says:

      Now THIS makes me happy! :’) You ARE really good at this stuff, not that you need the validation. I still have your tarot initials saved – even though those weren’t illuminated – and can only imagine the job you’d do on Tolkien (and no pressure to finish…) I don’t think there is such a thing as missing your chance when it comes to his “followship”. Picturing your beautiful elves *and* hobbits…


    • Valiel Elentári says:

      Hello Thalia, I don’t know you but I felt like I needed to cheer you up. Tolkien fans never fail, never let you down. The magic is there never to disappear. If you are really an illustrator and have some Tolkien projects please go for it. We never see enough of this world. I love to look at amateur artworks (like on Deviant Art) but I think there’s also room for new professionals in this domain. I’ll be so delighted to see people illustrating the sagas, the poems… Please let us know ! But if you heart feels incline in this direction, don’t fight and go. It’s what must be. And there WILL be an audience.

      (funny timing though, I myself begin to take back my calligraphic tools, and I think Tolkien provides for so much material…)


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