The Tower Spread

The Tower seems to be a theme in a few people’s lives right now – mine included – for better or worse. I decided to tackle this energy and (hopefully) understand it better by designing a spread and I think it worked out quite well. I’ve included my draw, even if I am not capable of interpreting it at this time (that’s the Tower for you.) Use and distribute as you like; credit is nice.

ETA: Added descriptions of card positions. I designed the layout to reflect the most common depiction of the Tower: lightning bolt, the Eye of God, two people plummeting.


XVI The Tower – Jacques Vieville Tarot c. 1650

There is a flash of light and suddenly something is revealed…

[1] The Illuminating Catalyst – Five of Pentacles
[2] The Seeing – 3 of Wands

… you have built a structure made of greater and lesser lies.

[3] The Falsehood of Soul – 4 of Wands
[4] The Falsehood of Spirit (/Life) Ace of Swords
[5] The Falsehood of Mind – Knight of Swords
[6] The Falsehood of Heart – Page of Swords
[7] The Falsehood of Body – King of Cups

The seeing is painful, so you try to avoid it and when you can’t, you try to plan an escape. Once the structure starts to crumble though, the only way out is down…

[8] Avoidance: The Fear – King of Pentacles
[9] Escape: The Dead End – The Moon

When the dust clears, the only thing left is truth.

[10] The Foundation of Truth – 8 of Swords

[Quint]The Hanged One
(Which was the jumper just prior to the split and deal and clearly shows my state of being.)

2 thoughts on “The Tower Spread

  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    What an unusual spread. I’ll have to think about this for awhile (feeling more braindead than usual this morning). I’ll be looking forward to see how you interpret this. I don’t quite grok #9, Escape, as a dead end? Not sure what you mean by that.


    • submerina says:

      Cards 8 and 9 show how you first try to avoid (out of fear) and then escape the Tower situation, but once the Tower starts to crumble, it can’t be stopped. Escape is a dead end – you either get buried under masonry or you take your chances and jump. Either way, you’re going down in flames (as it were :))


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