We Can Haz Friendship Nao?

Misunderstood Spider (click for moar sads)

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of spiders all up in my bidniz.


Weirdly enough – or not so weirdly, really – I started realising a few months back that they didn’t bother me as much anymore.

Not saying I want to ever experience this situation again…

No, but seriously, I’ve faced this down. TWICE. _ALONE_

… but I wasn’t as reactive to all-comers; in the past I’ve been paralyzed by even the teeny-tiniest mite of a spider on my arm. I can only think to relate this change to [other changes], based on some related things that used to strike the fear of ages into me that don’t anymore. I certainly didn’t make any conscious effort to alter my perception.

I was filled with shame and regret when I reflexively (though with intent) sprayed a small(ish), black spider on the basement steps a few months ago. A week later, I went down to fetch a clean dish towel from the laundry, finding one buried in the centre of the *ahem* (2″ high) pile. I got all the way upstairs with it and in the middle of the kitchen, a black thing dropped out from the towel, spasmed a few times, and curled up, eight accusatory legs in the air.

8 legs of vengeance and a jolly handlebar moustache.

It was the same spider o.O It crawled – covered in spray – from the steps, across the basement – a journey of relative miles, suffering the last stages of respiratory arrest -, into the middle of the laundry, into the middle of the very towel I would choose.

No jokes, I dropped to my knees and made apologies to the spider gods.

I can only assume I am schooled and forgiven. My 5 weeks in SA were arachnid-incident free!


3 thoughts on “We Can Haz Friendship Nao?

  1. hersixthcircle says:

    I find I’m beginning similar transformations. I used to want every spider dead, but now I wince and whimper when my husband insists on killing them. Even if they’re out of the way and not bothering anyone!


  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I love the eight legs of vengeance and the jolly mustache. BWAHAHAHA :)

    Yanno, I used to worry about killing bugs, but by god, after reading “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard, I have no qualms at all. Nature is harsh, what those critters do to eachother without messing up their manicures got me over my fear of killing bugs. I still prefer to trap them and take them outside when I can, but if I do squish one I feel no remorse.


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