It’s the (Second) Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I must’ve been very good this year (and I swear I wasn’t even trying!)

Behold the Christmas Miracle!!


A big ol’ box of blank playing cards and the Storyworld Starter Kit

Blank playing cards from U.S. Games – I think there’s 500-or-so per box WOO HOO! These are smaller than tarot cards, but I want them so that I can mess around with ideas without constantly worrying about wasting my precious, precious supplies. $8/box – how can you go wrong??

I’ve been after the Storyworld series for the longest time and now they’re finally available on too. It’s as much about the illustrative art as it is about the fucntionality of the deck, for me (though they could easily be used as an oracle-type deck as well), and the very large size of the cards means that you really get to appreciate the art. There are 4 groups of cards relating to 4 “worlds” and each group is by a different artist. The Storyworld Box only strengthens my opinion that Caitlin and John Matthews can do no wrong and I’m positively gagging to add the expansion packs (fairies, undersea, haunted house…)


Halloween Deck and Book Kit and Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle

It’s true: I’ve only just added the Halloween Tarot Deck and Book Set to my collection – shocker! I never felt much for the deck before, but one day recently the images just *clicked*. I’m very glad to have it (the card stock is gooorgeous) and the guide book is a lovely companion piece. AND the artist – Kipling West – is local, which pleases me greatly.

The Ancient Feminine Wisdom oracle is another one that’s been malingering on wishlist for far too long. I didn’t feel there was much reason to have it, other than the really lovely artwork. Holding it in my hands finally, I don’t know why I waited so long! There is something deeply powerful about Kay Steventon’s paintings (she also painted the Spiral – a favourite – and Celestial tarots) and this is the perfect goodess-themed deck for people who don’t like goddess-themed decks (you know, the airy-fairy light-and-fluffy everything-is-peachy-keen variety). There are heroines in addition to the female component of the Greek pantheon and with 52 cards, there’s enough variety to avoid repetitious readings.


C.G. Jung’s Red Book (click for englorification)

This was the biggest surprise – I might have *squeeeed* – and The Man totally WON giftmas with Carl Jung’s Red Book. It. Is. Magnificent. The first part of the book is reproductions of the actual pages, all hand-written in beautiful calligraphic script with amazing paintings by Jung; the second part contains the translations. I have the day off tomorrow and will be spending it stroking the pages and cooing sweet words to it and travelling to the darkest recesses of the human psyche with Papa Jung.


I hope Father Deathmas saved a little spoiling for all of you!

14 thoughts on “It’s the (Second) Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

  1. Magic Mentha says:

    What a wonderful haul! The blank playing cards are genius. I may have to procure some of those. What a great price! That could be a good art/twiddle project. I need something.

    Mucho End of 2011 Love,


    • submerina says:

      They make tarot-sized blanks as well, but you only get 78 for the same price. Much more fun this way!

      Much love and bestest wishes to you too!!


    • submerina says:

      It’s hard not to collect them all, but I am exercising remarkable self control ;) The Halloween strikes me as being quite readable, despite looking like a “novelty”. Definitely a perception change on my part.


    • submerina says:

      Fucking A!! Clearly the work of a madman and a genius. All that beautifully exact calligraphy… what a wonder. I forgot you have it – must’ve blocked it out ;)


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