13 thoughts on “All I Want For Xmas Is YOU

      • Thalia says:

        Can one actually blaspheme against the Thoth? I mean I named the cat Aleister Meowley. I figured Crowley was rather a fan of blasphemy himself.

        It’s the balls that crack me up.


      • submerina says:

        Some still think that tarot is seriouz biznuz and get all panty-wadded when you do things like that. I personally think the Thoth needs a good spanking every so now and then. Uncle Al would _definitely_ approve of that! :D


  1. pirate borealis says:

    Oh my lord that is tacky *laughs* …and really quite wonderful!

    The puppy/Santa hat on one of the dead heads is a master stroke, but I’m also very fond of the little bell in the bird’s beak and the balls lined up on Death’s naked femur.


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