Bright Yul!

Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan, Will Worthington; Sterling, 2011

Rocking a Category 7.5 migraine, so cohesive sentences are too much to ask of my bludgeoned brain. Even through the fog, it’s a great reading, nonetheless!

[1] What should I surrender to the darkness? – 10 of Bows
[2] What should I bring into the light? – 17 the Pole Star

[3] What gift can I give to you? – 2 of Vessels
[4] What will you give me in return? – 9 of Vessels

Love this track from Arkona (translation: “Faces of Immortal Gods”) – it just seems like Masha is calling the sun back from the edge:

12 thoughts on “Bright Yul!

    • submerina says:

      I like it because it’s easy to understand the message _most_ of the time – perfect for when you just don’t have the ability to futz with the details – but it still has plenty to challenge you as a reader (those animal Courts = mind-bending & squinting).

      Leaving my Joie for a little down the road. She’s gorgeous. but she speaks in a very delicate language that I’m not prepared to learn right now.


    • submerina says:

      I’m so torn; I’m not a metal fan, but the _music_ is so incredible – I’m a complete sucker for antique instruments – and when she sings clean, she has a beautiful voice (and I can appreciate her growl…) It’s just so gosh-darn-diggity powerful, y’know? Even without understanding the lyrics. Also, it puts the dog to sleep, go figure!


      • submerina says:

        They were here on the 3rd and I MISSED IT :’C

        My problem with metal is sensory – there’s too much input and it overwhelms me (also, it’s often “red” which is deeply off-putting). Something about the combination of her voice and Russian lyrics pushes it into tolerable territory, though it’s still a bit too much when the speed drumming kicks in.


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