Learning Lenormand

Day-um, y’all – Lenormand is scary accurate, yo.

I’ve been pulling 3 cards every day – aiming for morning prediction, but sometimes as an evening recap – to familiarise myself with the cards and their particular voice, which is a lot more defined and precise than the tarot. After shuffling, I fan the cards, looking for The Lady as my significator and the two cards to her right to predict (or recap) the day’s events. These are two from the past week that demonstrate their bang-on-ness:

French Cartomancy deck by Laura Tuan; Lo Scarabeo, 2005

This is today. I found myself near a travel agent and decided to enquire about a ticket to South Africa early next year. The Ship + The Path/Road = travel and a decision. After dilly-dallying over booking a trip for more than a year, I very almost paid for a flight today (as it is, I have a booking on hold so that I can clear it with work first.) The Ship indicates a “soon” time period, around the 3 months mark – I’m booking for February-March – up to a year.

How’s that, hey?

French Cartomancy deck by Laura Tuan; Lo Scarabeo, 2005

These are from last Saturday, when the lunar eclipse happened. The Sun + The Book = secrets illuminated. Didn’t make much sense until I read Lynda Hill’s post on the Sabian Symbol for the eclipse: Gemini 19: In A Museum, A Large Archaic Volume Reveals A Traditional Wisdom. Oooh, spooky :o (I also had a small-but-HUGE personal revelation, so double-up there.)

I hope you’re not wasting any more time and are all ordering your Lenormands right about now!


6 thoughts on “Learning Lenormand

  1. Magic Mentha says:

    Totally should. You’re selling me on this! I got a Lenormand deck a year or so ago then gave it away as a re-gift. I suppose I should start Lenormand shopping (wish-listing) for next year. :)

    Thanks for sharin’,


  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    I need to find a good book on Lenormand decks. I know Melissa Hill has an ebook that I still haven’t downloaded to go with her 2nd edition Melissa Lenormand and the Postmark Lenormand (I have 1st ed. of the Melissa, and 2nd editions of both the Melissa and Postmark.) I also have a blue box Lenormand, which I need to check because it may be the same cards as the ones in Laura Tuan’s set. I’m considering this book. Anybody know anything about it? :)


    • submerina says:

      I ordered it a few weeks ago and just received an email from Amazon saying it’ll ship Dec 20th :) It is supposedly the best English-language Lenormand guide available. I’m slowly building my own guide from various blogs and deck study threads, but it’s nice to have a book to refer to. I’m interested to learn the spreads & combinations, especially.


    • submerina says:

      It’s a weird language to learn; some days it’s like they’re literally talking French, which makes only the merest sense to me. Other days – BAM! Definitely an interesting (and challenging) break from tarot. I foresee you throwing decks against the wall for bad behaviour ;D


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