Pomegranate Seeds Spread


(That’s me, 19, only two weeks before my first major trip “down under” and the demise of my original eyebrows. Self portrait taken for a painting assignment. One shot perfection.)

There is so much going on right now that it would take many words in massively convoluted sentences to cover it all. All little things, but together they form a fascinating whole that I’m not quite sure I even understand yet. I am grateful that it is happening at a pace I can keep up with.

I’ve been reading Godesses in Everywoman and none of it really fits. I am very Persephone-aspected, but I don’t identify with Her as an archetype. Reading these extracts on Hades from Gods in Everyman however, is ridiculously on point. Go figure. But, assuming the Persephone-as-archetype role: to move from Kore to Persephone, to transition from child to Queen, you have to eat/ingest and then digest/integrate the “fruit of the dead“.

I chose four cards to represent the 4 seeds Persephone ate. This number is my best guess (as it varies from version to version) but, as She was required to spend one third of the year in the Underworld, that makes 4. Good enough for me. The first time I laid this spread was with the Tarot of Fire and it didn’t make a lot of sense (but Death did show up to the party); I need to work with that deck further to understand its unique and colourful language. Do-over with the Wildwood then.

Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan, Will Worthington; Sterling, 2011


[1] 5 of Stones (Endurance) – Stick-to-it-tiveness. As well, in the Wildwood, this card is like a mini Hermit; it depicts a healing seclusion. The child speaks instantly to me of the starting point of this journey and of where the root of the block lies.

[2] 7 of Bows (Clearance) – Clear out what doesn’t work anymore. Chop it down, burn it up, transform it into something useful. The heat from a fire is used to harden wood, especially bows.

[3] 10 The Wheel – Take charge. Take responsibility. A child is subject to the whims and vagaries of outside control; a woman spins her own wheel. To me, The Wheel is the “suck it up, princess” card. Sometimes you have to weave your own destiny.

[4] 5 of Vessels (Ecstasy) – Remember that feeling? Cultivate it. Relish it. Be in it. If this isn’t a strong, courageous, powerful Queen, I don’t know what is.


8 thoughts on “Pomegranate Seeds Spread

  1. Leikkona says:

    This portrait is very stricking.

    Hey … Did you notice that the child, in the 5 of Stones, made a big fire out of her wood instead of burning it one by one ? ;) Not really the same kind as the girl with matchsticks !

    There is a “Gods in Everyman” tome ? … Need it.


    • submerina says:

      I _didn’t_ make that connection – nice catch! Best get to burning those sticks then :)

      You might have to search for “Gods in Everyman”; although, it looks like European-based Amazon still has copies available. Lucky you!


  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Argh, why do I never have this book with me when you use this deck? The Wheel card in particular (IIRC) had some very interesting insights and unusual interps.The herons in the water are a sign of good fortune. I love the 7 of Bows card, I had that come up recently, too.

    Love your self-portrait, the lighting on that (and shadows) is spectacular.


    • submerina says:

      I always have the book handy when I read, in case I can’t make sense of it. The herons represent the Fates, if I remember correctly. I’ve actually got a mini rant boiling because of the differences between the book text and the images on the cards. Sometimes it makes a significant difference to interpreting.

      My fav pic of me, partly because I set it up myself and it came out perfectly, even though my dad said it wouldn’t. Ha! :D


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