What Am I Supposed To *DO* With My Life??

Wildwood Tarot

WELP. That’s what I get!

The Queen of Bows (Wands) was a double jumper, so I laid her down, cut, and drew my best friend Morty (fourth time this week) to keep her company. What made me laugh about this is that I had spent a good portion of the night reading a blog by a spirit worker who has Rabbit as an Underworld guide. LOL, tarot u so sassy well done; I’m going to bed now.

(While looking for further interpretation of the Queen, I found Little Red’s mapping of the Wildwood courts – a MARVELOUS idea and something I’ve never seen before. What a wonderful way to get to know the cards!)

ETA: If you are even the slightest bit interested in archetypes, philosophy, mythology and how all of that ties together, hie ye over to the Queen of the Night right quick like. Her most recent post presents some veeeeeery interesting points on the “animus” and death.

ETA2: “Become a Queen.” It’s right there DOH! Reading a few posts at Queen of the Night prompted me to pick up my copy of Goddesses in Every Woman and re-read the Persephone chapter. I’m not full Persephone, but I’m heavily… invested. I need to shake off the Kore and become the Queen. I did a quick spread asking what four seeds I need to eat to undergo the transformation, but didn’t much sense from it. “Death” was one of the cards, no surprises. Will revisit with another deck, I think.


10 thoughts on “What Am I Supposed To *DO* With My Life??

  1. Eris Hilton (@erishilton) says:

    I’ve not been too interested in the Wildwood deck until your post… but… Hello Giftmas!

    I’m in the middle of working on this Kore-to-Queen thing myself, and I’m an outrageously dramatic Persephone in all the right and wrong ways. It’s super serious bizness in someways, but it’s also been incredibly fun.


    • submerina says:

      Oh, I think you’ll looooove it! Maybe think about the Joie de Vivre too; I can see that being the kind of deck that you have a lot of fun with.

      I think I’ve got some Athena mixed in with the Persephone, but she’s definitely repressed. But to be a queen… that’s worth the serious bizness. Just hard when you’re used to being all whiny and helpless and hopeless *grr*

      We need to go spelunking together. Just IMAGINE what we could find down there! :D


  2. Casey Hamilton says:

    Goddesses in Everywoman was one of the books that pointed the long road to “sanity” and Truth, unpleasant though it may be. And thank you for the introduction to the Queen of the Night. I can always use another resource/source of information :-)


    • submerina says:

      You’re welcome! She doesn’t update as often anymore, but there’s plenty to go through in the archives. Yeah, “GiEW” is what opened my eyes to my Persephone complex, especially the not-so-great Kore aspects. Wonder if “Gods in Every Man” is any good – have you heard anything?


      • Casey Hamilton says:

        Gods in Everyman IS good, and was very helpful in helping me to understand part of my Sweetie Boy’s kinks and quirks. As I recall, she split the Olympian Gods between the generation of the Fathers and the generation of the Sons. I’m more a Sons kinda girl ;)


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