Presents? For Me? I Graciously Accept!

Mystical Lenormand by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter & Urban Trosch; AGM Müller, 2006 and French Cartomancy Kit by Laura Tuan; Lo Scarabeo, 2005


The Mighty Gods of Amazon were good to me today – both the French Cartomancy Kit and the Mystical Lenormand arrived 2 weeks earlier than expected – hoorays!

The Mystical Lenormand is the most adorable deck I’ve ever held. It’s small – the same size as my palm – and only 1cm thick *awww* The card stock has a lovely satin finish; not glossy, but the cards glide with perfect ease over each other. The art is gorgeous and the colour and depth of the original egg tempera paintings translate very well to the little cards. The card back is equally lovely, with a reversible design of the cosmos surrounded by angels. The LWB contains card meanings and 3 layouts (including the grand Tableau) and it’s all wrapped up in a sturdy tuckbox.

The French Cartomancy Kit consists of the deck and LWB, as well as an additional guide book. The deck is probably the same size as most LS decks and the cards have the satin finish I’ve come to expect from LS. I just love the look of the artwork – the style of the drawings is antique and the colouring is “greened & grained” to add to the old-fashioned appeal. Card backs are an intricate, reversible design in bright turquoise and white (a surprising contrast to the fronts). the LWB has brief descriptions of the cards with upright and reversed meanings.

The guide book is an unexpected extra, with 45 pages of information, all in English. There are several non-guided spreads and two guided spread: the “Spread of the Year” and the “Gypsy Oracle”. Each card is given roughly a page of explanation which includes basic upright and reversed interpretation, with timing and advice. They are also fully described as they appear in the two guided spreads. This guide book is a great learning tool and I wish the LS tarot decks would come with something similar, especially the more artistic decks.

Best get to learning!

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