12 thoughts on “Oh Dear, How Ever Did This Happen?

    • submerina says:

      Must be something in the air ;D I’ve been eyeballing it for years, purely for the art; this one and the Mystisches Kipper (same artist). 4 extra cards were recently released, but I don’t think they’re necessary for Lenormand purposes.


  1. Leikkona says:

    I … must laugh. I just received from an exchange the Carta Mundi Lenormand. A dear friend make me want to try the Lenormand. Yay :D

    The Mystical Lenormand is one of my favourite, with all the old-looking ones (and the Art Nouveau one. Yum !)


    • submerina says:

      Ha ha! Then it is *definitely* something in the air, the Lenormand influence! The Carta Mundi is a lovely deck. Most of them are impossible to find outside of Europe – maybe with all of us catching the Lenormand “bug”, this will change soon :)


      • Leikkona says:

        As I am french, finding any type of Lenormand is pretty easy (and I have access to french books too) :)

        Amazon.fr list plenty of those decks, french or german – the shipping costs may be high (it’s free for me ^^”), but you can find there most of the decks (french and german) for less than 10€ (… 15$ ? I think ? Don’t know exactly). It’s where I finally found the Astrological Lenormand I’ve hunted for months.


      • submerina says:

        It’s probably a good thing I don’t speak French and ordering from Europe would mean heavy shipping and customs – it will keep my collection in check :D But don’t be surprised if I hit you up for some translation services in the future; there’s only so much Google translate can do ;)


  2. Monica says:

    Yes. Lenormands. I’ve started employing my one and only deck recently after reading the Learning Lenormand blog which made it very clear and succint how a reading works using Lenormand cards.

    My one and only deck? The Melissa Lenormand, first edition :) And I would have happily bought her other releases, but a) I’m short on money and b) other tarot decks sprung out at me from nowhere and started chasing me down the street….


    • submerina says:

      Final proof: Tarot is a gateway drug; it leads to Lenormands! I’ve ordered the French Cartomancy deck in the meantime as well and am building my own Lenormand journal while I wait. Thank goodness for blogs! With only 2 English books to choose from, we need to learn from each other.

      Lucky you to have the Melissa! I missed the first ed. because I didn’t care about Lenormands and missed the 2nd by coming late to the party. But I think it will be good for me to start with the traditional deck.


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