Fugue Me.

Soooo, October was kinda interesting. Long story short, new tarot toys!


II High Priestess – Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy; US Games, 2011.

For me, the Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy (all the cards are viewable at Paulina’s website.) And how appropriate is it that joie de vivre translates into “joy of living”?? EXACTLY what I need to (re)discover.

First impressions: Mine didn’t come all beat up like I’d read happened to so many other people on the AT forum – YAY! While I can appreciate that artwork in the Paulina Tarot, it never *spoke* to me. The moment I saw the first cards from the Joie de Vivre – I NEEDED IT.

Now that I hold it in my hands, it’s even more whimsically delightful than I expected. The art is brighter, more vibrant and saturated and crisper than the website scans show. It’s also… soft. Not just in texture, but in attitude. For all the “Tim Burton on mushrooms” comparisons, the images aren’t dark (eg. like Sweet Twilight). This is the most non-threatening deck I own; even more so than Jolanda. I think they will be excellent for *sinking* into and exploring.

The card stock *is* a little flimsy and the cards are soooo laminated that they are in danger of flying across the room if you breathe on them, but this is hardly a deal-breaker for me. Besides, the laminate smells good, like scented felt markers :D The LWB contains more than the usual 3 lines of standard one-size-fits-all interpretation, which is always nice to see. There are keywords, basic and reversed interps, as well as a little description of the character (they have names!) and scene on the card to help you get to know them.

I can’t wait to go to bed – Joie is coming with me!


II High Priestess – Tarot of Fire by Floreana Nativo & Franco Rivolli; Lo Scarabeo, 2011

Tarot of Fire by Floreana Nativo & Franco Rivolli.

First impressions: Good gods, I LOVE THIS DECK. There aren’t many images of the cards available online and that’s a pity, because I think many people are put off by the idea of an “all fire” deck. This isn’t a gimmick deck. in fact, there is something about the art that strikes me as being deeply religious. Not of any specific religion, just holy in some way. It’s hard to describe. I imagine this deck would be good for magickal or devotional work, though I don’t yet know where I’ll be using it.

There’s history, folklore, mythology, alchemy and religion from all over the world, all presented in an uncluttered, painterly style. Considering it’s a fire-themed deck, the coloration of the artwork is very dark (a little *too* saturated) with a lot of black, dark blue, deep purple. I think it’s an interesting counterpoint to the theme, and super-duper atmospheric. This deck is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous; easily the best LS release for a long time. I can’t wait to devote time to sit down and really explore the images one by one.

The cardstock is standard Lo Scarabeo with a satin finish that shuffles beautifully without being too slippery. The back design is a reversible double phoenix (from the King of Swords). My biggest disappointment is that the extra cover card Lo Scarabeo always includes shows other LS decks, rather than a single image from the deck as usual. The LWB is what it is, but at least includes the reference for the card image, so you can do further research on your own.

Based on this deck, I hope the remaining elements get their own decks as well (with the same high quality art, obvs!)


Who Are You In The Tarot? by Mary K. Greer; Weiser Books, 2011.

Who Are You in the Tarot? by Mary K. Greer.

First impressions: I don’t often add tarot books to my collection; I prefer to let the cards tell me what they mean, rather than some book. However, Lady Greer is the doyenne of tarot and this pulication is more of a reference/workbook AND it crosses over into numerology territory – HOTDAMN! -, so I’m willing to make an exception.

I’ve done some pretty extensive research into my personal tarot numerology already, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to build on it. I think this is the sort of extra level of understanding of the cards that will be especially interesting in personal readings, and helpful in regular readings too.

The appendices include a chapter on the Strength-Justice 8-11 numbering feud and, while I will always be true to “Strength as 8” due to my synesthetic preferences, I love the history. I’ll be starting with the chapter on name numerology, as it has some concepts I haven’t encountered before (melody card? rythmn card?). There’s also something Mary calls the “life mandala” – ooooh! When can I get started?


6 thoughts on “Fugue Me.

    • submerina says:

      I’ve just done my first reading with it and it is GOOOOOOOOD! Just wish the LWB wasn’t so, well, useless. I look forward to learning new myths, but some of the LWB references defeat even the mighty Google!


  1. Digital Dame says:

    I’m still on the fence about the Joie de Vivre. Both this and the Paulina feel ‘cluttered’ or “busy.” I like her art though, so will probably pick it up.

    The Tarot of Fire is a nice surprise. Basically when I see “Lo Scarabeo” I skip over, their decks have had such a feeling of ‘sameness’ for the last few years, as if they were all drawn by the same artist who just kept repeating himself. That and the multi-lingual titles on the borders drives me insane. BUT, that said, I sort of like this one. I’ll have to take a good look at it.


    • submerina says:

      The Joie de Vivre is a lot less cluttered than the Paulina; I can’t even look at the scans of that one without feeling fidgety. It’s a very different style of deck for me and it’s going to be a challenge to learn how to read with it; a GOOD challenge :)

      The Fire is a stand-out deck for LS and the card titles are unobtrusive. Just be warned that you might get a dark deck like mine. I don’t know if they’re *all* as saturated and the online scans have been adjusted, or if it’s just my run. I like it though.


    • submerina says:

      Joie is very gentle and a little complex. It’s going to be fun getting to know how she works. And the flames are awesome, obviously ;) I could see you having a lot of fun with it *enabling*


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