Pulp Fiction Tarot

Pulp Fiction Tarot by Billy Ray Stephens [click for flickr albums]

OMGYOUGUYS!! This is so cool:

Pulp Fiction Tarot by graphic designer and art director, Billy Ray Stephens. I’m not even a fan of the movie (saw it once; was underwhelmed), but I love learning about the tarot through others’ interpretation of it and this is certainly a very unique slant!

A complete Tarot deck based on the 1994 film by Quentin Tarantino, comprising:
• 22 Major Arcana (orange)
• 14 Guns (Swords, blue)
• 14 Cigarettes (Wands, yellow)
• 14 Wallets (Pentacles, green)
• 14 Coffees (Cups, hot pink)
• 6 Tutorials
• Deck box

Each card has a line from the movie attributed to the character/s on the card. Upright and reversed meanings are printed along the bottom (upright and reversed on either side of a divider). The Court cards include a physical description eg. King of Wallets – Mature, dark man, black eyes. This ties in with the “Choosing a Querent” card, which is a mini “cheat” to picking a significator.

There is a “tutorial” card explaining the Minors, with as much detail as the LWB included with certain major publisher’s decks *ahem*; another with a symbol guide to the suits, very nicely laid out in graphic style and a card showing the “Cross & Sceptre” (Celtic Cross) Spread.

The artist has done a phenomenal  job of adapting the tarot to suit the subject, without sacrificing the tarot itself. He has kindly uploaded all the cards to Flickr, including tutorial cards; they are large images, suitable for printing. If you want to get an idea of the deck as a whole, he’s included a composite image showing them all. I WISH Flickr had a way of contacting users; he needs to be thanked and praised and given a gold star!


2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Tarot

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Never saw the movie, but what an interesting idea. Lately I’ve been thinking of trying to cobble together decks using artwork from favorite artists, but I never thought about a movie (although others have – Harry Potter, LoTR, etc.)


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