What It Is, and What It Be

The Uffington White Horse (not smoking)

“T’ain’t what a horse is, it’s what a horse be.” ~ Terry Pratchet, A Hat Full of Sky, 2004

Simply, the most astute and powerful definition I’ve ever found on the nature, purpose and power of symbols.

4 thoughts on “What It Is, and What It Be

    • submerina says:

      Ooooh, jealous. I’d loooove to do a UK & Ireland tour, visiting all the magic places. And then Europe, and then the Middle East, and then Asia… ;)


  1. Thalia says:

    Oh I’m dyin’ to go back myself, though this time with someone who wants to eat at places other than Burger King (ai yi that sister of mine; it was like pulling teeth to get her to go to a fish & chips shop). I want to get up to Scotland the next time, though and the north a bit. I really want to see Coventina’s Well, though I know it’s really just sort of a puddle on the side of a hill! But yeah, I’d love to go with someone who’d get the magical aspects of it.


  2. Digital Dame says:

    It’s such a beautiful design, even all these centuries later. The lines are so fluid and graceful, it’s truly timeless. I would dearly love to visit sacred sites in the UK, and even more so in Ireland.


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