Wild Deck for a Wild Guide

I’ve been *gently* easing myself back into this world; playing a *gentle* game of blogging catch-up and watching closely for the first signs of feeling overwhelmed. My favourite/default internet time-suck of the past few months has become more and more broken and annoying over the last week and, simultaneously, I have been getting little nudges to come back here. And sometimes the little nudges are a stack of papers plonked on my desk with a neon “READ ME” sign on top.

So I’ve been reading all along the trail of crumbs, until I came tooo…

Melia’s (Hi!) version of Helen at Tarot Notes – Major and Minor’s Getting to Know You – Spirit Guide Reading [defunct link]. Seems like one of those spreads that many of my devoted (love you guys!!) readers would be interested in, and great way to practice a sample reading with the Wildwood. Who’s ready for some invisible friend action??


The Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan & Will Worthington; Sterling Ethos, 2011

[1] Who are you? 2 The Seer
It doesn’t get much more straight-forward than this, does it? This guide is indeed a guide, who will aid in seeing beyond the veil. this card could even be a direct reference to the unconscious mind – your inner guide.

[2] How long have you been with me? 11 The Woodward (RWS Strength)
I get a feeling of “forever” from this card; or, so-long-it-might-as-well-be. There’s an ancient oldness to the Woodward, like he’s been there since the wood began. “Strength when you need it.” Also interesting: a woodward would be a caretaker.

[3] What is your role in my life? 7 The Archer (RWS Chariot)
Aim. Focus. Finding the target. Creating the tension necessary for a release of directed energy (in this deck’s Minors, bows are fire and arrows are air).

[4] How can I recognise your presence? Ace of Arrows – Breath of Life (RWS Ace of Swords)
Reiterating the above: when the arrow flies high and straight and true and you can breathe and see for miles in all directions, then you are working in tune with the guiding presence (whether inner or outer).

[5] How can I work with you? 13 The Journey
Ha, of course. Life’s a journey; accept it; work in tune with it. If you truly want to progress, a lot of old, “dead” things that no longer serve you will have to be surrendered.

[6] How can I get to know you better? 9 of Stones – Tradition (RWS 9 of Coins)
Practise, practise, practise. Meditate; seek inner vision in your own sacred place, but remain firmly grounded.

[7] What is your message for tonight? 2 of Bows – Decision
Here, take these and get off your arse. The time for action is now!

[Quint] 9 The Hooded Man
Kinda stating the obvious here!


This poem/song by Wendy Rule goes quite well with the subject of this spread:

On a ritual night you returned to me

Through the Eastern doorway of eternity
Like the one I was
Like the one I would be
From the world without
And the world within me

I took your hand and I followed you down there

In a dream last night,
In your eyes of sorrow
You had held my gaze till I chose to follow
To the world without
And the world within me
To the world I’d lost
Where I knew my soul would be

I took your hand and I followed you down there
Oh, I’m still searching for something I found there

AnimusWendy Rule


12 thoughts on “Wild Deck for a Wild Guide

    • submerina says:

      Despite the controversy – there’s always got to be a little drama, right? – over its relationship to the Greenwood, I knew I had to have it from the first preview. Yes, it’s more refined up and, hmm, “civilized” than its predecessor, but it works for me! :)


    • submerina says:

      I believe the White Horse is exhaling, but it does look suspiciously like a good pipe tobacco (cherry, if you ask me)!

      And I will.


    • submerina says:

      *waves* And you’ve gone and got yourself a dedicated tarot blog and oh my! So much happens in a few months :) I’m looking forward to working with the Wildwood some more; the images _stick_ with you. Hopefully I’ll stick around a bit this time…


  1. Helja K. Leikkona says:

    Yay, news from you ! I missed reading your blog (yay, silent lurker. I know. But I break my silence because I’m happy) …

    The Wildwood is a very beautiful and almost strange deck. Oh. No. Another deck I might want to add in my collection. Too bad. u.u


    • submerina says:

      Silent lurking is allowed; gods know I’m plenty guilty myself! I just found your blog a couple of days ago through my incoming links. Had to run it through Google translate, but I don’t think it got screwed up too badly! From the very little bit I’ve worked with the Wildwood, it has my recommendation. Oh no! ;)


  2. Aj / Melia says:

    all your fault…picked this deck up this weekend. Not sure WHAT to do with ANOTHER wonderful deck. This thing makes me practically salivate every time I pick it up. So far I have read through the majors. Love it. Seriously thinking about using it in combination with the Animals Divine deck…


    • submerina says:

      Happy to help… or something? lol I think you’ll be very happy together and using it together with the Animals Divine is a brilliant idea – I wish I’d thought of that!


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