Jackass Spread O’ Satire

I certainly did not design this spread for the sole purpose of using the word “ass” legitimately in a tarot reading. Nope, definitely not.

Cute little tuxedos and beaks that can bite to the bone

Cute little tuxedos and beaks that can bite to the bone

[1] This is you, jackass

[2] This is the dumb shit you’re neck deep in

[3] This is what got your fool-ass in this unsavoury position

[4] This is the most likely solution…

[5] … but this is what numb nuts (YOU) will probably do instead

[6] And this is the cosmic ass-whupping you can expect as a result

[7] Now if you’re ready to pull your head outta your ass, start here

I tried to do a sample reading – 3 TIMES – but I’m just too fuzzy. I suggest the Thoth for real good fun times!

Jackass Penguins at The Boulders, Cape Town – a favourite-favourite childhood beach (pre-penguin colonisation). I sacrificed a lot of knee and toe skin climbing those *extremely* rough boulders.

10 thoughts on “Jackass Spread O’ Satire

  1. Melia Suez says:

    I’m so doing this one after the parents’ settle into their cave for the night and after my son is asleep in bed. It will give me something to do other than cry and pout.


  2. Digital Dame says:

    Thoth? THOTH?? Yeee-ikes. You’re really asking for it. That is one deck that doesn’t know how to pull it’s punches and wouldn’t even if it did. Oh well, sometimes a good dose of Uncle Al is what the situation calls for.

    Like the spread, though :)


    • submerina says:

      I am of the “playing with fire” and “poking bears with sticks” school of thought ha! I did it with Thoth and got very interesting results – as if every card was shifted one to the right. And the Hanged Man was the quint; a subtle middle finger from the deck…


  3. theviolethourmusings says:

    Rocks protect from radiation. I read that over at Silkroadvisions. Actually, maybe it’s the penguin shit on rocks that is the anti-radiative element. Darn, I knew I should have paid more attention to Marvin the Martian. Ass=past. It rhymes..


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