XTREEM SuperMoon! Reading

Syzygy by Hillary Luetkemeyer (click to view source)

When I read about the “supermoon” – with the additional “extreme” because it is the closest in 18 years – this week, I knew I had to do a spread about it; how could I not? To get ideas for the spread positions, I did a little research.

The last extreme supermoon occurred on the 8th of March, 1993. This general-area-of-the-date has personal extreme supersignificance. Add to this the dreams I’ve had about said personal extreme supersignificance this week and it heads into superdupersignificance territory.

I built the spread around the moon being at its perigee, the alignment of the sun-moon-earth and the illusion that the moon is larger just as it appears over the horizon (typically though, we have dense, impending-snow cloud cover and can’t see a damn thing out there). I’m just stoked that I finally get to use the word “syzygy” in some way! I love that word so much that I nearly used it as my business name back-in-the-day. It’s a synaesthetic thing.


Jolanda Tarot aka Swedish Witch Tarot by Jolanda Den Tredjes and Hans Arnold; AGM Muller, 2008

[1] PERIGEE: What is closest to being united in 18 years? – 9 of Swords

Isn’t it odd how very much this 9S resembles the traditional RWS 3S? Grossly apropos. My heart, in a word. That missing piece that I gave away – the black fetus with the eye of gold – is within my grasp.

[2] SUPER-EXTREME: What illusion is most clearly illuminated? – 7 of Pentacles

The rose woman at the top of the tree is looking towards the 3S/9S, mourning. She doesn’t seem to realise the riches below her. Or is she crying over the fruit never plucked? Do her tears water the tree? See the birds on the coins – there are birds on the sword hilts in the 9S, except the birds in the 7P are not half as menacing as the Budgies of DOOM.

As for the illusion? Crying over what can never be harvested, while neglecting that which is ripe for the picking (potentially to the point of rot).

[3] SYZYGY: What is coming into alignment? – King of Pentacles

Another bird, a parrot, fully alive and realised. Another snake, large and incorporated. Another tree, very similar to the tree in the 7P. Even though the King has uprooted the tree, it is still lush. By claiming the tree for his own, he keeps it alive. With all these Pents, I look again at the gold circle in the 9S heart. Is the King wearing it in his collar?

Sorrow and regret and heartbreak are an inevitable – and I think, basically, essential – part of the nitty-gritty of life experiences. We have a choice to let them wear us down, or “wear” them – like the King – as part of what makes us who we are. By accepting and incorporating our pain, rather than rejecting it, we become stronger.


So, I’m healing. And my heart is becoming whole again.

10 thoughts on “XTREEM SuperMoon! Reading

    • submerina says:

      The Budgies of DOOM have been my personal “attack animal” of choice for eons; it was funny and disconcerting to see them here, glaring at me with their angry little budgie eyes :D

      What I found from reading a bunch of articles is that this one was special because it was EXTREME. There’ve been several “supermoons” (and looking at the dates, it is eery how each one of them is personally significant), but the last “X-TREME” one was 1993. At least that’s what the intarnets tell me, and the intarnets wouldn’t lie ;)

      We got snow. Yay.


  1. erishilton says:

    I used to approach banishing as keeping the yuck far away from me, but I was always more or less “Bring it on! I’m strong! I can fight it! YEAHHH-BOYYYYY!”. I’ve learned some hard lessons in banishing being more for protection and self-preservation.

    I struggled with it with a certain someone who I believe might have sparked something similar to what you’re describing. I still do. I had to do it methodically, banishing piecemeal until I could voluntarily give up the good parts I still wanted to keep. It’s not quite a done job yet, but I’m better for it.

    However you heal, you totally will. Just writing it out is a big step.


    • submerina says:

      “I had to do it methodically, banishing piecemeal until I could voluntarily give up the good parts I still wanted to keep. It’s not quite a done job yet, but I’m better for it.”

      THIS. Letting go of the good bits is the hardest part.


      • erishilton says:


        I’m literally in the middle of doing that like right now this very minute.

        It’s hard, but once it’s gone it’s over and done. It only hurts a little. ;)


  2. Serenity says:

    I’ve struggled for years with letting go of a past relationship (mainly due to the pain it caused and that continues to haunt the relationship I’m in)…I still haven’t found a way to focus on the good that there was without the bad overshadowing it. And considering my son has many of his father’s traits, it’s not like I can just banish it to the depths of memory, never to be uncovered again. There has to be a way to get past it all, though, right? Please say yes! ;)


    • submerina says:

      I can’t imagine how much harder it is when there is constant reminder of the past, especially when the feelings that that “reminder” evokes in you are in such contrast to your feelings about the relationship. I don’t think it’s so much “banishing it to the depths of memory”, as that sounds more like “burying” and buried things have a nasty habit of working their way back to the surface. Banishing is more about letting go, by CHOICE. The scene from Labyrinth where Sarah renounced Jareth’s power over her is what keeps playing in my head.


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