Happiness Is… No Surprises Here!

Magic Mentha posted yesterday about her search for happiness. This is something I’ve asked the cards about on more than one occassion too, but never with very good results; too many Swords is my standard result. I’m always up for revisiting for new perspectives, but knew I had to do something different if I wanted different results.

I phrased my question very specifically, asking for clear vision and understanding, un-clouded by Ego and want (even if the answer would be displeasing). What I think would make me happy is to be somewhere with forest/mountains/water, where I could work on various creative pursuits, undisturbed by the world. I want to wake up in the morning, take a walk through the trees, down by the river, talk to my peeps, paint, sew, drink tea in my sacred garden. I need something where my interactions with people will be on my terms and where I dictate the boundaries of my income-generating work.

But I wonder if this is just my life-long drive to escape speaking. Or my fear (and until we win the lottery, it’s all moot).

So, assuming there is such a thing – where does my true happiness lie?

World Spirit Tarot by Jessica Godino & Lauren O’Leary. Llewellyn 2001, 2006.

3 Card draw, with no assigned positions:

8 of PentaclesSeer of Pentacles6 Lovers (jumper card)

I always see the 8 of Pentacles as the “artist” card, whether the artist in question works in traditional media or something more broadly defined as “art”. This artist has the opportunity to work at their craft, concentrate on it, focus until they reach mastery. I dreeeeeam of this. Oh, to be locked away in a room with a view and just… work.

While examining this card, I was very sure to step back and not automatically assume that it means “art”; it could mean something else that I’m supposed to master. But then, there are the jars of brushes on the table and the little girl reminds me of my younger artist self, guiding my hand while The Muse yaps away from my left shoulder.

The Courts in this deck have more in-depth descriptions than most and the Seer (Page/Princess) of Pentacles speaks very specifically to the other piece of my ideal life: being alone to commune with nature, to be still:

“The Seer of Pentacles is dedicated to comprehending the world around her. Quiet, receptive, and often alone, she finds solace in the earth and her creatures. She is learning to hear the earth’s wisdom and trust her instincts.”

There was a “jumper” while shuffling – *POW* into the air – which I left ’til last and read as the third card. Normally I would interpret The Lovers along the lines of opposites uniting etc. but here I think it is more literal. Part of the “art in the wilds” dream is what it would mean for my marriage; for us; our lifestyle. We share this dream and, as a teeny step towards it, we’re hoping – hoping – to be able to retreat to said wilds this summer for a month; sans electricity, sans running water, sans the world. Partly a dry run and mostly a “turn on, tune in and check out”.

The quint for this reading is 14 Temperance.  Very definitely about bringing those two sides together in harmony: the want for having it my way, and the reality of what is needed to survive.

It’s nice to see my insides aligning with, well, my insides. Now to bring the outsides into the party!


13 thoughts on “Happiness Is… No Surprises Here!

  1. Monica says:

    I fully support your plans to retreat for a month to the woods, or the water, or anywhere that you can talk to the trees and the birds and work on your art. Having done that myself, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Let the world do whatever it pleases, while you look after yourself. The only warning I may give: be prepared for the reintegration back inro civilisation – it will be hard!!! Having said that though, I still reckon it’s the best thing ever: I’ll be off to Romania in a couple of months, for three months of mountain living with my grandma. Cheers to that :) (toasting an imaginary pinot noir)


    • submerina says:

      Skol! I’ve been needing this since August 2009, so I think I’ve been patient long enough! I expect to have a complete breakdown and freak-out when the time comes to return to the “civilized” world. Maybe not. I need a catalyst and the cards say “Tower”. I like to play with fire ??


  2. Digital Dame says:

    I think your desire to escape the fast-paced, hectic lifestyle that is the free market economy has a lot of company. I so hope you get to go on your retreat into the wild this summer, a la Thoreau (although he actually had people coming by with supplies, I understand). I’m a little fuzzy right now myself. been sick for a few days so pardon if I look at this again when the fever has gone down and it makes no sense.

    Anyway, I think you know yourself pretty well and what it will take to be truly content.


    • submerina says:

      I was wondering; feel better!

      We’ll be 45 minutes from hot water and a refrigerator and an hour-ish from supplies and medical attention, should I fall prey to a bear or my own clumsiness :D And we’ll probably be randomly besieged by people, but eh. Good enough!


  3. Magic Mentha says:

    This is wonderful. I’m so glad you got such a clear message and that it fit with what you THOUGHT you wanted, too. Now apparently -I- need to get out of denial land! :D Good luck bringing these things into reality; I’m sure you’ll do it!!!


  4. Serenity says:

    The hardest thing to get used to in a situation like that, is the lack of running water (no electricity is a piece of cake). It’s amazing how quickly one realized the dependency we have on bathing!!! I washed my hair w/ snow once, and let me tell you, the idea of using that to bathe was too much to consider. *L* (My man’s mom lives where there is no running water, though she does have electricity)

    I hope it turns out amazingly well for you. :)


    • submerina says:

      We go there at least once every year, so it won’t be a complete shock. There’s a lake (old logging reservoir) and, although it’s glacier-fed and ridiculously cold, I *have* bathed in it (xHARDxCOREx). The worst is trying to wash your hair because it’s too cold to melt the oil (same with snow?), but meh. (I guess it _might_ help a little that I know hot showers are only a 40-minute drive away… *CHEATER*)


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