New Moon in the Underworld

My weekly horoscope by Rob Brezsny has become astonishingly accurate over the past month or so. Vis-à-vis this week’s ‘scope:

Jungian storyteller Clarissa Pinkola Estes says one of her main influences is the Curanderisma healing tradition from Mexico and Central America. ‘In this tradition a story is “holy,” and it is used as medicine,’ she told Radiance magazine. ‘The story is not told to lift you up, to make you feel better, or to entertain you, although all those things can be true.

The story is meant to take the spirit into a descent to find something that is lost or missing and to bring it back to consciousness again.’ You need stories like this, Cancerian, and you need them now. It’s high time to recover parts of your soul that you have neglected or misplaced or been separated from.

In addition, this Friday’s New Moon was in Pisces, along with the Sun (identity), Mercury (stories), Mars (action), Uranus (liberation) and Chiron (healing). And Pisces is of course ruled by Pluto (transformation), the Lord of the Underworld. My Pluto sits in the 9th House, where it’s all about the expansion of awareness and search for meaning.


The end is the beginning is the end.

[1] What story is coming to an end? – 19 The Sun
[2] What should I learn from this story? – 20 Judgement
[3] What new story is beginning? – 10 of Swords
Quint – 13 Death

At first glance, this seems uber-grim. Sun ending, 10S beginning? Woe. WOE!

What’s actually happening here is something quite fascinating :

  • 2 Majors following each other. Maybe not such a big deal, but this is about stories, and stories are linear.
  • 2 Egyptian-themed cards; the only 2 in the deck, to my recollection. Moreover, the 10S references a very specific story, the only card in the deck to do this (again, to my recollection.) This story is about death, a journey through the Underworld, healing and eventual rebirth (into an altered state-of-being).
  • While the tarot is about transformation and moving through stages in general, there are cards here that specifically address this: Judgement (rebirth), 10 (end of a cycle=beginning of new cycle) and Death (transformation).
  • Anubis (Judgement) is an Underworld god (Opener of the Ways), as is Osiris (10S – Lord of the Dead and the Afterlife). Isis (10S) is a goddess of magic and healing.

But what of the happy Rollins Sun? Who wants to say goodbye to joy, only to embrace ruin? I sat and stared at these cards for a long time, just letting my mind wander and free-associate and then I realised that it’s a cycle; our stories repeat, follow-on, continue. There are no hard-and-fast endings and beginnings.

And perhaps it’s not an end to joy that the Sun represents, but an end to being a “baby”. The end of a life-stage, which I must weigh against the feather of Truth before continuing. The 10 of Swords makes me think that it is decision time and the best possible decision is going to be an owie. But Set is necessary. Without Set’s murderous involvement, Osiris would have merely continued on in His comfortable life, never reaching His full potential and destiny. In many parts of Egypt, Set was regarded as a heroic deity, the Savior of Ra (the Sun).

I also got the idea that maybe I need to read my story backwards; retrace my steps and go back to the beginning. So I pulled a clarifier and got the 9 of Swords! And because I wanted to be super-sure, I pulled another and got the Hermit, card number 9. That enough clarity for ya, girl?

So, dark days are not yet done – which I was already pretty sure of – but it’s all good. Keep journeying, keep spelunking, hold on, ‘cos the story’s not over yet.

8 thoughts on “New Moon in the Underworld

  1. Helen says:

    The story is never over until its over. Each day we write a new script for the future! May yours be bright and filled with the love of those around you.


    • submerina says:

      It isn’t over ’til the fat lady gets stabbed all over? ;) Just had a thought while replying here: We write our own mythologies, or at least, we can choose to be our own authors.


  2. Digital Dame says:

    Hmm, just a stray thought, but if the 10 Swords is the beginning of something, whatever that is won’t last long. 10s are the end of a cycle. I’m thinking (and could be way off-base, as usual) that there will be a brief sputter of something. Maybe there’s one little detail that still needs wrapping up before the next thing takes over?


  3. Serenity says:

    Shadow work seems to be spreading; I’m reading about it more and more of late. And of course, it had to leap in front of me and demand I take the time to do it, too. Oy. Thalia’s take on Ishtar came to mind, and of course dear old Proserpina. Some days I think my brain might explode. *L*


    • submerina says:

      Good luck with your deck too – the images you have so far are stunning! I’ve learned tos trike while the Muse is hot, so to speak ;)


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