Garden (of Solidarity) Spread

Yet another inspired spread created by Monica tarot in a teacup! Melia has done her own take on it and after seeing her “OUCH” reading, I said I would do it too, as a show of solidarity ;) I’m using the Faeries’ Oracle and interpreting the cards as I see them, then going over the reading using the companion book for added insight.

Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud

Faerie’s Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth; Simon & Schuster, 2000


[1] Garden theme (what my garden is all about) – 18 The Lady of the Harvest

“Fecund” is the word I get. She looks so dreamy, though it is probably supposed to be more to the sultry side of things. No, not sultry… I can’t quite put my finger on the word I need. Fruit everywhere and very Autumnal. Her breasts could nurse the world and, although she is horned and has something of the faun look to her, her horns are branches. This goes beyond mere fertility, to the pure personification of “fruit” as a vehicle for both (plant) sex and nourishment. Olde Worlde; Willendorffian. The Goddess as nature; Nature as goddess.

(Interesting: The book says the Lady is a Crone who helps us adapt to change and release and the gried, loss and regret associated with this; letting go what is finished and liberating us to move onto the next phase of whatever-it-is.)

[2] Garden work (what work I have to do to nourish my garden) – 33 Faeries of the Future

A similar colour-scheme and card elements, with one very marked difference: heapings of Amanita. It will take vision and a trip or two to some strange places. Always looking and moving forward, though.

(The book marks this card as a note to “be here NOW”, which is a great follow-on from the release of the Lady above.)

[3] Garden path (what is the purpose of my garden) – 61 G. Hobyah

Quite obviously a scamp and a challenger. If I take the work above into account – moving through some potentially disturbing realms -, then I think of confronting something that seems unpleasant and yucky, but could be mere illusion. The way his hands frame his face in crossed fashion (even his eyes are crossed) make me think that all is not what it appears. This is that and that is this. Typical faerie!

(HA! “[His] job is to wave our imaginary fears in front of us, making them look as alive and reasl as he can… The challenge he offers us is to see that certain fears of ours are imaginary and to distinguish them from things we actually need to be cautious about.”)

[4] Garden flowers (how the garden graces the world) – 47 the Oak Men

So old and wise; they were there before the beginning of time. I think the oak is associated with teaching. In my mind, they are instantly associated with the Hierophant. Aah, they symbolise the Middle World; very Hierophantian and a classic Druid symbol. But how does this relate back to my garden? I can consider myself a “wise teacher” just yet! (eta: oak later became the centrepiece to my “internal garden”)

[5] Garden fruits (what are the fruits of my garden work) – 32 Iris of the Rainbow

Such a beautiful card! The blue in this one is breath-taking. She is very much a Temperance figure, with heavy doses of the High Priestess and Empress, which makes total sense: a wonderful balance of internal and external feminine energy! There is a frog and a toad an d Losgunna appears again, so there’s a definite idea of transformation, or rather, blending. Iris has lovely, delicate fins on her ankles, and her feet even look like exquisite fishes *sigh*

So, by doing the work and walking the path, I come to a place of balance and blending, possibly even a larger ability to move.

(“Everyone, including Iris herself, is fully absorbed in the task of reclaiming the bright sky from the dark of the storm.”)

[6] Garden seeds (what I should sow in the near future) – 2 Ekstasis

Just as I was about to nominate Iris as the stand-out card in this reading, along comes Ekstasis and steals the show! This is like the energy of Temperance/Iris visualised; there is even a gentle crescent at the top like the one that crowns Iris’ wand. I also see a dragonfly and a praying mantis. This card makes an effervescent “WHOOSH” sound, like bubbles created when you drop antacid into water. Take the guidance, and explode with it!

(A keyword for this card is “Motivation”, something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, since Thalia rediscoverd hers. My Motivation is completely unmotivated and, despite living in a castle designed by Hello Kitty, all of the Disney princesses, Rainbow Brite and a whole team of unicorns, she can see nothing but grey around her. She definitely needs to rediscover her ecstasy. Or even just a teeny, tiny bit of joy.)

[7] Gardener (significator) – 16 The Bright Mother

This figure is like the Lady of the Forest, but the more internalised version. She has her back to us and there are several lunar/night symbols included. This card is distinctly sensual, verging on sexual (there is a very naughty pixie with a very phallic mushroom. It’s not just me!), but it’s less about fertility and more about “woman”. What I’ve just twigged onto is that this is a card I nominated as one of the most beautiful of the deck (I can’t resist a Classic buttocks with dimples and the gentle fold of fat at the waist), so receiving it as my significator might be telling me to have a look at myself in these terms. This light.

(“Creativity” and “Productivity”, the off-spring of “Motivation”.)

Not the harshness I was expecting, although I kinda sorta maybe cheated by eliminating the possibility of those blasted Swords – gotta do what you gotta do! I am definitely enamoured of this deck.


2 thoughts on “Garden (of Solidarity) Spread

  1. Digital Dame says:

    Oh I wish I had this one with me today. I’ll haul out mine when I get home and see if I get any other vibes. You know I have to put me .02 in here ;)

    The impression I had of the Oak Men was one of looking to nature as your teacher, following nature’s example. Go with the flow, it’s been working for Mother Nature for a long time ;)

    Ekstasis! Ecstasy! There’s so much joy and energy coming off that card. It’s warm and welcoming, it’s a mini Big Bang! Tap into it! See the wonder all around you.


  2. Monica says:

    That is a really beautiful deck, I’m once again enamoured with it. And the reading is giving you some good and positive insights. Most of the deck appears very sensual, very comfortable in my own body kind of message.


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