Ancestor Speaks Spread

Working with the ancestors is not something that is immediately comfortable for me.

Mostly this is due to my family tree being a gaping void beyond my grandparents. Even there, I only know my maternal grandparents, and the bits I’ve heard about my great-grands don’t really endear them to me. I’ve read enough to understand that *knowing* the ancestors isn’t crucial to working with them, and I can accept that spirit and soul transcend earthly actions and the flawed personality that comes with wearing a meat suit.

My other “barrier” is my belief in, well, nothing really concrete past this meat-suitedness. It’s all wibbly-wobbly-anything is possible, really – which I think is marvelous! But makes it difficult to formulate any sort of defined practice wrt things *Beyond*.

But, maybe I can give this a try, as Melia happened to post just the right spread for playing “Operator please” with the extended family. When deciding what deck to use, I kept coming back to the Faeries’ Oracle. When I bought this deck, it was also the result of a gentle “pushing”. I wondered if I was being shown a new direction to explore and maybe I was, just not the direction I initially thought.

Let’s chat, then!

Faerie’s Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth; Simon & Schuster, 2000


[1] Who are you? – Geeeeeooo the Slooow

I’m guessing a male and someone who I’d think of as older. Though he wasn’t the mystical tarot type, my maternal grandfather passed away in 2006… No. Effin’. Way. He passed away 5 years ago to the day (when I did this spread on the 15th). Hoooooooo, goosebumps.

[2] What is your relationship to me? – The Faun

Hmm. A very beautiful image; illuminating and very much a guide-type. Fauns are a wonderfully uplifting symbol of nature; natural freedom; natural light. Young, bouyant, trusting and innocent. Unsullied. The Faun is one of the “Guides and Guardians” and the book speaks of this card as being of natural wisdom and magic. I’m interpreting this one as “a guide back to your heart.”

[3] Why have you chosen to speak up today? – Death

Quelle surprise. I’m gooo-ing through chaaan-ge-e-es. (And also duh. You want to speak to the dead? Well…)

[4] What do I need to know? – Unity

Visually, very similar to the Faun card; I think of this one as the “Stag”. There’s added depth and maturity in this card – the result of following the Faun’s guidance? The book meaning of this card also seems to suggest looking beyond my perceptions in working with the ancestors. We are all one; fluid, flowing. Oh! That’s also what the Faun card says!

[5] What actions do I need to take? – Losgunna

As a frog-fairy, Losgunna is symbol of transformation, linking her to the Death card. The book speaks about fairies not usually liking to be around murky, swampy water, but Losgunna is comfortable in that environment. She is unafraid and willing to swim to the bottom of the pond to find the treasure hidden in even the darkest depths.

[6] How shall I honour my ancestors? – Indi

My immediate thought was, “Set a little aside for us.” The Indi card is about indecision, so a secondary message could be to make a decision; pick a direction. As this would increase my overall happiness and enjoyment of life, it would seem an appropriate way to honour all who have gone before and the sacrifices made to bring me to this point.

[7] What can I do for you? – The Friends

Be happy, accept my guidance, let me share in your life? Yes, the book supports this idea. Also, Fairy Nuff (the little creature) is about remembering and recapturing childhood openness and belief in fairies (and by extension, magic in general), before life crowded in and stripped all that away. I feel this is a repetition of the Faun’s message.

[8] What blessings do you offer? – O! That Gnome

That Gnome is a mischievous trickster, who offers a gift of breaking habits and patterns. My grandfather became more pessimistic and “dark” as he got older, but there’s a photo of him – the one I’ve chosen to hang on the tree, incidentally – with my grandmother, where the glint in his eye very definitely matches the glint in hers. I saw that glint for myself, a few precious times. He was also a master of odd constructions and sculptures, often creature-based. That man who could be so serious and focused on the wrong in the world, had an ooey, gooey, fantastical centre. I should learn from his decisions (Indi!)

[9] Final words? – Myk the Myomancer

“Small clues. Details. The messages everywhere. Patience.” Well, there you have it! The reading has come full circle: Geeeeeooo the Sloow also speaks of patience, and he is the card following this one. The book advises that Myk refers directly back to the Unity card as well. I notice that all 3 cards that speak directly of or for the ancestor are male, and gnome-types. I suppose that’s the Dane coming out :)


Interesting spread; interesting reading. Still don’t have any thoughts one way or the other, but the mind is always open for business and assorted shenanigans.


13 thoughts on “Ancestor Speaks Spread

  1. Digital Dame says:

    One thought (or two, let’s see how far I ramble) I’ve had about reincarnation is that people don’t always reincarnate immediately. There may be gaps of many human years before they appear back on this plane. And some may not be coming back, they could be done with this level. I don’t know if that tracks with your beliefs concerning reincarnation.

    This is one of the clearest readings I think you’ve had in a while (at least that was clear to my understanding). And it’s a good thing I already have this deck or I’d be putting it on my “Want!” list :)


    • submerina says:

      Yes, those definitely work within my schema.

      For sure, an easy, no muss no fuss reading, much to my surprise. I expected to be asking for trouble, trying to do this kind of reading with an oracle deck, and a high fantasy one at that!


  2. Monica says:

    That is a great reading, and I love the deck, thankfully I do not (yet!) read with oracle decks, or it would be coming my way… It’s a really clear reading with guidance easily understood.


    • submerina says:

      I’m all about the deck art, first and foremost. That’s how those oracles and playing cards sneak their way in there. It’s a wonderfully vibrant deck – are you sure you don’t want it? *cackle*


  3. submerina says:

    AAAAAAND: I found Oma’s pearls today!! They’ve been missing – feared lost in Florida – for nearly 2 years. They were where searched the first time, and have looked 100 times since. I don’t think it’s stretching too far to give a shout out to Opa in thanks :)


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