Burdened by the 10 of Wands

You know how, in the cartoons, a character will get flattened by a steam-roller and then once the thing has passed, they’ll put a thumb in their mouth, blow and *pop* back into existence? Yeeeeeah, like that. Ever since that wacky solstice I’ve felt like a freight train has rolled over and through me.

It seems I’m not the only one to experience this knock-out; Mystic Medusa describes the post-solstice effect exactly: “That thing was in Gemini so loads of info-flow and quick-processing realizations.”  Aaaaah, so that’s what happened to my brain. I felt like I was hooked up to the Matrix and being fed raw data at hyper-speed and I’ve been reeling ever since. Lots has happened – personal revelations and such – but completely unable to verbalise any of it. No time; too busy choking on new information!

I have to work it out though; there are things I cannot afford to forget. So, starting small with this…

Beautiful and unusual 10 of Wand from the Dante Tarot. By Andrea Serio & Giordano Berti; Lo Scarabeo 2001.

The 10 of Wands has been appearing in almost every reading I’ve done over the past month, even single-card draws. It’s awful; not the most uplifting thing to look forward to. These readings have all been of the “communication” variety, rather than self-analysis or predicitive and the 10/W makes its appearance often as the odd-one-out in a mass of very positive cards.

Last night I finally had the bright idea of asking Mr Pants for input. I mean, duh, woman. What use is a guide if you don’t consult him for guidance?? I got some ideas I’m pretty sure I’ve not encountered before:

The 10 Wands remind me of kindling and often they are depicted in a shape that suggests the structure for starting a fire (the interlocked “X”). If you built a fire too quickly or too tightly, the spark will die before anything can catch; a fire needs air to breathe and grow. The basic idea I’m getting from this is “room to breathe” or “stop to take a breath”. “Get perspective” ? It’s easy to become weighted down and suffocate if you get too involved in the “thing”.

Aah, I’m feeling a warning against trying for perfection too early in the game. I’ve seen people try to build a perfect fire, setting it too high and tight from the start. It looks like the perfect fire, but nothing catches. Fire prefers a little chaos and devil-may-care attitude. Once it’s going, then you can tweak and correct as needed, rather than having to tear the entire structure down and start from scratch.

Sticks are just sticks until you do something with them eg. make a fire, build a home, turn them into weapons. If all you ever do is carry them around, they become a (unnecessary) burden. Whatever the Wands may represent for you personally – talents, strengths, beliefs – they are wasted if they are never put to their purpose. It’s like hoarding, on an esoteric level. Bad!

Building on this, the 10 Wands are essentially 10 Aces: Potential. Potential for Change, as they are connected to the Wheel of Fortune (10). In most cards using the RWS imagery, the figure is moving to the right which – in Western art – symbolises the future, enhancing the message of “potential”. The more “burdens” you have, the more potential exists. It’s like having 10 little Magicians (1) all waiting eagerly to make a mess at your bidding! Chaotic and overwhelming, sure, but also interesting, exciting, freeing. Just watch out for that Sorceror’s Apprentice action (see “not building a fire properly” above)!

And don’t be afraid or forget to prune old, dead branches (and re-use/recycle where possible).

There is possibly more, but I cried uncle after #4; sleeeeep, please! Funnily though, just re-reading this post from the beginning makes me realise that I’m describing the 10 of Wands feeling at the beginning; being overwhelmed by input! I so readily associate the 10W with real-world burdens – especially with my job – that I missed that one. It makes sense too, with the Wands being more typically a “spirit” suit.

Oh! “Can’t see the wood for the trees.” Add it to the list.

11 thoughts on “Burdened by the 10 of Wands

    • submerina says:

      Does Her Highness still have the address for those showbiz folks she was hanging out with a while ago? Maybe I should join the circus ;)


    • submerina says:

      The Artist’s Inner Vision is a lovely deck. The irony is: I avoid “burdens” like the plague (being inherently independent and lazefficient), but they always seem to find me anyway. And, all joking aside, I have to be careful what I take on because of the “damage” I have done in the past. Even the most necessary of daily tasks (eg. a shower) are a burden some days.


    • submerina says:

      Hmm, I tend to forget the option of this possibly pertaining to a new beginning; ridding myself of the burdens for something, as opposed to simly piling on mor of the same.

      The fact I even just had this next thought means it’s probably correct: Maybe I need to stop seeing my “burdens” as such and trade up to “blessings”? Now *there’s* something to let go of!


  1. erishilton says:

    I love it when you work and work at getting the faucet to turn on, and then once you get it to work, it doesn’t shut off.

    Not to get all hippie-trippy on you, but I feel like good big things and amazing break-thrus are coming your way. Hang on, awesome lady! You can do this. The Star, maybe? Don’t know why that’s coming up when I think about it.

    You may not realize it now, but you’re ready. Very happy for you, and proud of you to. It’s not a bad place to be. :)


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