It’s a Kind of Magic

Mixed media on el cheapo canvas, 2010

Something of a reprise of last year’s angel, this one for my “Secret Santa” victim partner at work. Acrylic, leafing pen and a touch of Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure” for the stars (gods forbid I make anything without *sPArkLe*). I am absolutely delighted with the lighting effect on the hands and arms; it is just beautiful. Would have liked the same kind of drama on the face, but was afraid I’d screw it up (thereby necessitating a plunge from the nearest bridge).

Posted here as a reminder to myself for the days when I am convinced everything I do is shite, because:

a) It’s been 13-and-a-bit years since I picked up a paintbrush;
b) Even then, everything I painted was flat-work – mandalas and other designy stuff, not people; and
c) This was done wholly without reference material.

And it took only a few hours, with minimal fretting over colours and so on.
Do you see? Do you see what happens when you let go and give yourself over to the process, woman?



5 thoughts on “It’s a Kind of Magic

  1. erishilton says:

    That’s really lovely… It’s got a nice little mystical/art nouveau touch, and the composition and colors are quite striking.

    I love those moments where you just go with the muse, and let the process it take it’s course… Paying absolutely no attention to that MunDanish inner-critic in the peanut gallery who is slurping his soda and talking on his cell phone in between judgment calls. Ignoring *that guy* pays off.

    That’s way better than the beer mugs I got from my work Secret Santa. “Gee… I like to drink beer from bottles, and I know you got these for $5 at Big Lots, but… thanks.”


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