21 Days of Light & Shadow: Day 2

Light and Shadow Tarot by Brian Williams, Michael Gopford; Inner Traditions, 1997

II The High Priestess – Ace of Wands

First cut, I got the Ace of Wands. Realised this is the card that somehow got a little bent and so didn`t trust the cut. Re-shuffled, cut again. Ace of Wands again. Okay then.

Just as she is a more passive, inwardly-focused force than the Magician, the High Priestess works very differently with the opposing forces of light and dark. The Magician plays them off against each other and the resulting sparks bring worlds into being. The High Priestess then brings these forces into harmony with each other, mediating so that there can be peace in the worlds. She is a doorway; a gate-keeper. She stands at the threshold between conscious and unconscious, known and unknown (but not unknowable), man and woman. She holds the key to union.

The Ace of Wands takes me right back to the Magician though. It is a club, a force lacking in subtlety. You cannot stop its creative fire; the potential will be realised. What is iteresting is that I personally see the Magician and the HP as the cosmic couple who need to come together for the potential for life to be realised (the impregnation of the Empress) and the Ace of Wands is a bold representation of that potential (besides being the most phallic card in the deck).

What do they say together? A delicate balance is needed. There is always an interchange of chaos and order. There cannot be one without the other. Yes, but I know all this. What else? Balance is not enough. Looking inwards is not enough. Contemplation is not enough. EXPERIENCE. I feel like I’m being beaten about the head with that Ace. *WHAM WHAM WHAM*

A-ha! Wisdom is good for nothing if you don’t use it.

The HP doesn’t tell her secrets; it’s up to the individual journeyer to discover their own truths and that can only be done by living. These really are two very opposite cards, but they work well together. Just as the Ace can teach the HP to move out of her temple once in a while, so can the HP show the Ace that occasional rest will prevent burn-out. All the ideas and impulses in the world are no good when you’re collapsed on the floor.

Meditate on the flame. Both of you.


6 thoughts on “21 Days of Light & Shadow: Day 2

    • submerina says:

      Maybe not as esoteric, but just as interesting. The Ace of Wands really is a kick-in-the-butt, especially if you are more inclined to sit around “contemplating” creativity, rather than acting on it.


  1. erishilton says:

    I love the HP and the Ace of Wands together… It’s way hotter than when she is with the Magician. The HP and the Ace of Wands do that tantric crazy shit together. o_0

    Not necessarily a bad thing…?


    • submerina says:

      Yes, you are so right; much hotter! The HP and the Magician remind me of my first and most intense relationship; sparks a-plenty, but ultimately too opposite to ever come close to understanding each other. Great things can come of it, but at what price to the players? The Ace burns through all that bullshit. Hot-cha-cha! :D


      • erishilton says:

        The Ace of Wands is the kind of guy who would boldly suggest using hot pepper jelly in the naughty-no-no places to spice things up… Sure it would hurt like hell, but he’s just convncing enough to make you want to try it, even though you know better. (Not that I know from experience. Ethically, I feel one’s nether regions should be a jalapeno-free zone.) ;)


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