Halloween Countdown: Ancestral Spiral

I’ve been thinking this year that perhaps I should incorporate some form of honouring my ancestors on El Dia de los Muertos. Something I read on a Heathen blog when I was looking up the dream runes, put the idea in my head; that you should remember the sacrifices your ancestors made in order for you to have the life you have now. It hit home. I’m not drawn to ancestor work, but this is the time of year for it.

Ancestral Spiral Layout

The most interesting ancestor-themed spread I could find was this one at Tarot Elements. I wanted something more general, rather than connecting to a specific ancestor. Using the Sun and Moon Tarot, as it’s been doing such a good job in recent readings!


Sun & Moon Tarot – Pre-release images; published deck has white borders.


[1] The Root Cause – where I am, as I am, right here, right now
6 of Swords

The visual here is very intriguing, considering I view my “family” as consisting of 6 people.

[2] Earth Influences – message from the Pentacle Family (The physical world, our ancestral line, our family and our place in it. Carry a strong masculine link to the ancestors.)
6 of Discs

How fitting that a Pentacle card brings a message from the Pentacles. Seeing as my brother and I are the last of our line, I see the fruits of their labour spilling into my lap, where they will stay.

[3] Air Influences – message from the Sword Family (They highlight the burdens or fates from the ancestors that we are carrying forward. Carry a strong feminine link to the ancestors.)
17 The Star

And an Air card bring s a message from the Swords (Air)! The Star falls into the Realm of the Dead and offers an opportunity for peace, healing and recovery through the chance to “revisit our roots and essentially ‘come home’, take our place and accept our true fate.”


Sun & Moon Tarot – Pre-release images; published deck has white borders.

[4] Fire Influences – message from the Wand family (Embodies connection to spirit, transformation, change, clearing, and the drive to move forward. The Wands also provide a connection to the male ancestral line.)
6 of Wands

Fire… Fire. Woah. A lot of 6s happening – a number of harmony that ties directly to family and community. As an ancestral reading, it seems I’m not making a complete mess of it, as far as the mighty dead are concerned!

[5] Water Influences – message from the Cup Family (Indicate and suggest where the healing of the past karma needs to occur. They also link in to the female ancestral line.)
8 Justice

Oh come on! 4 for 4 would have been awesome ::pout::

Justice falls into the Realm of the Ancestors and indicates a lesson that has to be learned. “… [D]o you deserve to be here? Did your actions lead to this? What can you learn from those that have gone before you? What needs to be honoured and acknowledged or allowed to lay at rest?”

[6] Current Situation –
Queen of Discs

This Queen seems isolated, though she has a goat friend. And, although she is in the desert, there is an oasis not far away.  Perhaps a message that things aren’t as dire as they seem; even in the worst circumstances there is comfort and aid close at hand.


Sun & Moon Tarot – Pre-release images; published deck has white borders.

[7] Immediate Future –
5 of Cups

OH MY. I did this spread on Wednesday evening, but this card could be today.

[8] Guidance for moving forward –
2 High Priestess

The High Priestess falls into the Realm of the Family, acting as gatekeeper to the feminine ancestral line and “represents hidden knowledge from the ancestors, intuition and the unconscious mind.”

[9] Final Outcome –
Prince of Discs

Moving forward with a distinct plan to build something concrete and real.

Interesting that the Majors work backwards through the cycle.
3 x 6 cards, tied to Lovers
Quint = Hierophant, my card
3 x Pentacles = Messages of karmic influences with ancestral rooting in to our physical reality, linked to the male ancestral line; the function of this suit is to help us to ground ourselves in order to progress and literally “find our feet” in who we are and where we come from.


6 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown: Ancestral Spiral

  1. Digital Dame says:

    I’ve done some genealogy work, and recently connected with some distant relatives in the Old Country, but it’s not as if I live among them, surrounded by them. Families, as we know, are not always cocoons of love and warmth. On Samhain I light candles for the known family, and several for the ones I don’t know (the women, specifically). They put up with a lot for me to be here, I know without knowing them they were strong. My scattered background is almost a metaphor for the fact that we are all related, in the end.

    Love this spread, will have to give it a try!


    • submerina says:

      I really like this: “My scattered background is almost a metaphor for the fact that we are all related, in the end.” So right! Can’t remember which blog I saw this on, but I think the idea – and act – of thanking “ancestors” who we are “related” to through mind and spirit, is a good one too. My extended family of artists, writers, dancers etc numbers in the thoudands I’m sure!


    • submerina says:

      We are a *rare* breed. Are you interested in being my adoptive Mad Aunt from Down Under? I’ve always wanted a Mad Aunt (which is why I strive to be one!)…


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