Halloween Countdown: Crossroads Spread

This is a spread of my own devising for the week of spreads I’m doing to prepare for bonfire night and Halloween. It is inspired by the rite of making an offering at the crossroads of something you’d like to leave behind as you choose a new path forward. Using the Sun and Moon Tarot again, as I will be for all of these spreads. Nothing like a little Thothiness to hold up the mirror of your soul! The results speak for themselves.


Sun & Moon Tarot – Pre-release images; published cards have white borders (click to enlarge)

[1] The Issue (centre card) – 
3 The Empress

[2] What to Leave Behind (lower card) –
4 of Discs

[3 & 4] Potential Paths (top 2 cards) –
6 The Lovers & 2 of Discs

These cards aren’t to be treated as individuals; they form a very clear composite picture.

When I see the Empress I am immediately reminded of the Queen of Cups from yesterday’s spread: fertile emotional energy like WOAH. She is wholeness, bringing the masculine Magician and Feminine HP together to give birth to Life itself. The Empress doesn’t analyse life, she lives it. And holy crapknuckles on so many levels – dalet (Hebrew letter assigned to the Empress) means “door” o_O Crossroads, doors; thresholds, doors; Ms H, doors.

Looking ahead shows 2 similar, but opposite paths: either fuse or (continue to) juggle. Visually, the choice is obvious without even going further. I can either head towards the abundance and colours of the Lovers (that mimic those of the Empress) or wander in the aridness of the desert, alone and struggling. Even the arched trees in the Empress call to mind the arch in the Lovers as well as the joining of the couple. Beyond the alchemy of the Lovers, there is also the basic love aspect of the card and the Empress is known for her uncomplicated, completely trusting love.

Being that I think of the Empress as the fusion of the Yang Magician and the Yin HP, the Lovers show the path to realising the Empress way of being. In contrast, the 2 of Discs works with the same energies, but keeps them separate, in a constant orbit around each other. It’s as if the figure in the 2/D doesn’t know what to do with what he has; or perhaps he’s afraid of the outcome, should they mix?

And how to get there? Leave stability/familiarity/safety behind. It’s all a falsehood anyway, built from sand; a child’s play fortress. If I refuse to step beyond the 4 corners of my little world, the only path I will walk is the dry, barren way of the 2/D. The 2/D represents change and flow, but in this spread it is actually preventing change, by keeping the elements apart. The 2 will never become 3!

Quint – 15 The Devil

I wasn’t going to take the Quint into consideration, but there are pointers in the spread that show how relevant it is:
– the 4/D is the Sun in Capricorn
– the Devil is Capricorn
– the Devil is the cross-sum (1+5=6) of the Lovers

Trapped. Bound. Stifled. Like the 4 of Discs.

Working through Making the Gods Work for You I’m examining my Capricorn ascendant in relation to my convictions of unworthiness blah blah boring Saturn blah. It is appropriate that the Quint addresses the underlying issue of a spread; both Saturn and the Devil are all about freedom and being left to your own devices. Doesn’t it always come down to that for me?

Freedom; that’s all I want. So leave your shit behind and don’t look back.


6 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown: Crossroads Spread

  1. Violet Muse says:

    The secret to taking up one’s bed and walking – is to not leave the blood, sweat and tear-stained bed behind; but to fling it from the highest point of your new perception. Symbolically.


  2. Digital Dame says:

    And of course, the Lovers card itself is about making a choice (or the old versions of it were): choosing between pure, spiritual love, and the more carnal side of our natures (generally depicted by the two women, one more a temptress, the other more socially conventional). So from your Empressy position of groundedness and creativity, you have two choices. One could be a holding pattern, the other will force you to make a choice.

    What position does the 4 of Disks occupy here? I don’t see that specifically addressed.


    • submerina says:

      Me being obtuse again. The 4 of Disks is what to leave at the crossroads.

      I had forgotten about the “choice” aspect of the Lovers! How self-referential this spread is; talk about driving a point home, hey? I just realised too that earlier this year I got a lot of pushes in the Empress direction. It’s almost as if I’m being reminded of that, that now is the time to make that decision.


  3. Casey Hamilton says:

    Seriously, you are Cancer Sun with Capricorn Ascending?!? I am the exact opposite: Capricorn Sun with Cancer Ascending. No wonder you resonate so interestingly…..


    • submerina says:

      I’m going to say you have it easier – Cap rising is a son of a BITCH! :D The Man is a Cappy, but he isn’t sure of his ToB – it would be interesting if he had Cancer rising too!


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