Tarot Fauxbergé Winner!

BEHOLD! The Halloween hat of winningness! Loaded with the cards everyone drew for the giveaway, audited by the remaining deck. Aaaaaaaand…


without further ado…


coming to you live from my living room…

::drumroll intensifies::

the winner is…

Congratulations to Celeste, who drew the sparkliest of the sparkle-pimps. She has had to take a break from blogging, but the Fauxbergé will add a shiny reminder that the cards will not go quietly – or tastefully – into that dark night.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! There’ll be more giveaways in the future – guaranteed!


5 thoughts on “Tarot Fauxbergé Winner!

  1. Celeste says:

    Wow–I really can’t believe I won. I didn’t know the tarot loved me so much despite me temporarily abandoning it.

    Thank you for doing this, Submerina! You have such a snazzy style and I can’t wait to see the deck in person.

    Again I feel teary-eyed and loved. Thanks for making a very difficult time better.



  2. erishilton says:

    Hooray for Celeste!

    The more I look at that deck, the more fab I think it is…

    It’s got me jonesin’ to trim a deck and go all sparklefuck on its arse!

    Must… resist… projects… You’re a bad influence, Madam… of the very best kind!


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