Dark Rising

Silent One by anotherwanderer (click to enlarge)


A couple days late, but here’s to the fading of the light.

(What an ethereally melancholic Hades. The ears of wheat make me think he’s pining for Persephone.)

6 thoughts on “Dark Rising

  1. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Too blonde, skinny and ethereal for my taste. I always think of Hades as dark-haired, swarthy and menacing. Love the portrayal of the horses though. Blessings of the Autumn Equinox to you! Although Hades should be happy at this time of year — Persephone will be back soon!


  2. Digital Dame says:

    Reminiscent of some paintings of Christ (some pietas). Definitely a Christ-like quality to him, although the crown of thorns normally depicted is here a crown of laurel leaves (which usually signify victory, triumph).


    • submerina says:

      I <3 pietas. And a very good comparison if you draw an Osiris-Christ-Hades-general Underworld rulers. Even if Hades isn't a resurrecting god, for artistic purposes you can stretch the mythology a little :)


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