High Fantasy Majors (WiP)

III The Empress by Tyler James

This artist has only completed 5 of the Majors so far (Death is viewable in the artist’s gallery) and, while I recognise that the art style may be a little too heavy on the fantasy side for most – “scary skulls” and such – and the traditional card symbolism isn’t always there, the female characters are stunning and I really like how some of the cards are depicted. The Empress is especially beautiful and I love how dramatic the Tower is. You can practically taste the ozone! I can’t wait to see the rest of the cards, as I’m sure I’m going to love the HP and the Moon and the Hierophant and Hermit should be verrrry interesting.

The Devil, The Tower and Judgement by Tyler James (click to enlarge)


6 thoughts on “High Fantasy Majors (WiP)

  1. Casey Hamilton says:

    That is one of the most astonishingly powerful Empresses I have ever seen, and I tend to pay attention to that card in particular, as it’s my Soul/Personality card. It’s how I knew the Steampunk deck and I would not be soul-mates: I hated her shoes…

    I love how she inhabits and is at ease with her power, and I loooooove the golden apple she’s holding ;)


    • submerina says:

      I love how absolutely luscious her body is and the look of self-contained power on her face, _despite_ there being an argument for her body being “male gazey”. The apple is a nice reminder of how there’s more lurking below the surface than “symbol of fertility” – she can still f*** your shit up ;D

      You’re right about the Steampunk Empress – her shoes are awful (and I’m usually a fan of overly-pointy shoes!) Besides which, she looks very bored – maybe not the best card to have respresent your self. Have you seen the Book of Shadows Empress? VERY interesting, even if it draws on the MMC thing.


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