Quick-fire Spread: Here Comes the Sun

I read a fascinating excerpt from Pronoia (which has been on my wishlist for too long!) by Rob Brezny, on his experience of bliss. Jen from Cat ‘n Owl has a spread that explores the experience of joy and it ties together quite nicely. Not going to over-think this one! The deck I’m using is the Fantastical Creatures Tarot by D.J. Conway with illustrations by Lisa Hunt (U.S. Games Inc. 2007)


1. How do you define joy? XVIII Death – Anansi

Haaaaaa haaaaaaa!! They don’t call me “The Dark Lady” for nothing :D
Seriously now: Transformation. Reconstruction. Re-imagining.

2. How does joy connect you to the Divine or your Higher Self? 10 of Cups – The Muses
Happy family. Literal connection; awareness of this (NB: walking meditation this morning on precisely this topic.)

3. How do you express joy in your daily life? 4 of Swords – Vegetable Lamb
Unexpected softness & quiet. Juxtaposed thinking; imagination.


4. How do you receive joy? Queen of Cups – Mermaid

Flooding; freely washing over; openly. Lovingly, intuitively. In my element?

5. How do you give or share joy? Knight of Cups – Manannan Mac Lir
Beauty? Yes. Making beauty.

6. What gives you joy intellectually or how do you experience it intellectually? Queen of Wands – Titania
Magical creativity. Letting ideas fly free, unharnessed. Weaving fairy tales.


7. What gives you joy creatively or spiritually or how do you experience it creatively or spiritually Ace of Cups – Water Fairies

New feelings. New discoveries in the creative/spiritual realm. The sheer *potential* of the Universe.

8. What gives you joy physically or how do you experience it physically? 9 of Pentacles – Lilith
Earth connection. Fire in the heart. Dancing the magic of the world. (NB: My Dark Moon in Lilith indicates a real *need* for physical expression eg. through dance!)

9. What gives you joy emotionally or how do you experience it emotionally? 3 of Wands – The Djinn
Making magic happen; bringing things to life. The first stages – building foundations.


Marks will be awarded for participation

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