Life Lessons Spread

The Selkie by yaamas (click to enlarge)

Last night I dreamt I was a selkie, or rather, *discovered* I was a selkie. I was woken by some neighbourhood noise right before I was going to slip into the water, damnit!

Now, my dreams of late have been heavily influenced by a cornucopia of painkillers, muscle relaxants and sleep inducers, but I know my regular dreams from something a little more special. According to Mystic Medusa, last night was the night to go looking for magical answers, and I happened to pep-talk myself with exactly that line before crossing the borders.

I’ve also spent 5 days away from TV and the internet and the phone all other stimuli, reading my happy little eyes out. (Good Lords, I love reading. I love it more than I love the internet *GASP*) After dipping into random chapters, I am LOVING Making the Gods Work for You. It’s giving me a whole new language with which to explore mythology and the psyche connection.

So I revisited the emotions and sensations I experienced in the selkie dream during the day, entertaining possibilities of what my psyche was trying to communicate (other than that I’d dearly like to shuck my skin and swim far away. Far away.) Tonight I saw that Helen posted the Life Lessons Spread from Tarot Dame. I meant to do this one when I saw it the first time, but got all caught up in my lusting for the Tarot of Vampyres :D Seems like now would be a good time to consult the cards, using the magical, mystical and beautifully water-ful Shadowscapes Tarot.

[1] What lesson do I need to learn most right now? I The Magician

Ohhhh, how perrrrrfect! Cultivate that small bubble of magic I’ve got brewing, playfully, carefully, with focus. Stay curious. I love the restrained wildness that Stephanie has incorporated into this card. This Magician seems to be a mixed species, whether by birth, exposure or choice. He has gathered pieces from all around and made them a part of himself. It’s a wonderfully eclectic look, one I’m naturally attracted to both inside and out.

The Magician really is one who isn’t afraid to try one thing after another and see what sticks, unafraid of judgement or making a mistake. He doesn’t see what the worry is; “failure” isn’t a word in his dictionary, simply because he doesn’t see anything as a failure. It’s all good. The Magician seems to me to always be in the early stages of whatever he happens to be investigating, because he knows there is always more to learn. There’s a freedom to his approach; it lacks the structure of the Hierophant or the introspection of the Hermit. The message here is not to take it too seriously, I think.

[2] What will help me learn this lesson in the easiest way? 7 of Wands

There are certain cards I am getting very sick of seeing *sigh* This one gives me a bit more to work with in terms of the reading at least: Protect what you love. Defend what’s worth fighting for. The mother fox doesn’t think before taking on the badger, weighing up her options; it’s all instinct without distraction. She knows what she has to do to ensure her offspring survive. As the Wands are often a Spirit suit, I think this is an urging to trust my gut and intuition – for my own survival and the survival of my needs. Even the LWB says that this card points to taking a stand and defending what you believe in.

The element of Wands always strikes me as being well-aligned with the energy of the Magician, his fire, passion and creativity. His verve. The positioning of the Major and 2 Minors here makes a lot of sense too: here’s the Big Lesson and here’s how to practically accomplish it.

[3] What will be the result of my learning this lesson? 9 of Wands

This seems to be the beginning of a quest of some sorts, or a guarding of the borders. LWB confirms guarding and seems to point towards weathering a long night of the soul test of some kind. Aaah, maintaining strength and vigilance “when the challenge does not rise as quickly or as often as expected”. It’s all very “sit in this spot for 20 years” Zen-like. In order to not only learn a lesson but actually make it a part of your psyche, there has to be a test. You don’t know what you know until you’re required make use of the knowledge under pressure. Well, shitstickles. But that’s the way and it’s not as if I didn’t sign up for it!


3 thoughts on “Life Lessons Spread

  1. Helen says:

    Nice set of cards submerina! My eye caught the 7 card – 7’s often symbolise insight, wisdom, personal growth, reflection and confidence – it could be suggesting that the best way to help you learn this lesson is to believe in yourself, and have faith that you can do anything you want to regardless of the obstacles that others may well put in your way. It suggested to me, that one needs to keep on the move, and enhance the skills they have, not just enjoy the challenge but allow the challenge to stimulate you into bigger and better things. It does say stand up for what you believe but it also says don’t be afraid of being challenged, as this will give you the opportunity to reaffirm or change those beliefs you held.

    Just my two cents worth here. :)


  2. Digital Dame says:

    You have the most intriguing dreams :)

    To me, the Magician is saying you’ve got everything you need, you have all the tools at your disposal. Armed and fabulous going into that battle with the badger ;)

    One air card, two fire. Conflagration. Energy tempered by intellect. Work on stabilizing all that energy.


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