Gimme a New Moon Clue Spread

Physical issues are making it hard to focus and make it through the day with enough energy to do anything but collapse at the end of it. I *did* manage to wreak some creative mania and I was victorious in my quest for a corner rounder. Results to be share soon. In the meantime, I am scheduled for an MRI in October. Nothing life-threatening, but if it comes back positive, then severely life-altering. I realised as I hobbled my way home this afternoon that *that* could be what all the 5 of Pents are referring to: the way the figures are hobbling along, at a serious disadvantage, drained and crippled, is generally how I get through the day.

I know how bad it is because the New Moon usually finds me enervated and clear-headed, full of insight and bright ideas. I need a clue! World Spirit – and porridge brain -, don’t fail me now!


World Spirit Tarot by Lauren O’Leary and Jessica Sczuka Godino; Llewellyn, 2006

[1] Something to leave behind in the dark – XIII Death

I am initially drawn to the figures mourning in the foreground, especially Death, who seems to be weeping along. Got to turn the to LWB to see what this could be about…

Now is the time to release patterns and beliefs that no longer serves you. Giving up old habits is often painful, as is the in-between state when we feel only loss without the reward of new growth… So don’t let discomfort dissuade you from making radical changes.
Aah. So it’s not so much the experience of Death to leave behind, as the things that need to be left behind in order to achieve rebirth. Can a mental/emotional/spiritual remaking lead to physical pain? Well, duh. As I have been known to whine in the past: “Why must the worthwhile experiences be so haaaaard?” Leave the dark behind in the dark, then.

[2] Something to develop in the growing light – 2 of Pentacles

Balance again. What always strikes me about the (RWS-style) 2 of Pentacles is the sense of play and lightness in the card. It’s not a stodgy balance, or something forced; it comes naturally, dancing through. Gracefully. Even though the seas are stormy around the figure in the card, she is unperturbed by he position and looks to the lighthouse for constant guidance and positioning.

I like what the LWB says about this particular card: “She allows you to combine outer achievements with inner growth, allowing one to feed another.” This follows naturally on from the themes expressed int the Death card. Even though growth and progress can be difficult and painful, keep at it, keep dancing, keep looking to the light. It’s always interesting when the 2 of Pents appears as a middle card and with her balancing the dark fire of Death on her right finger and the light of dawningVictory in her left hand, she almost seems to be the clue!

[3] A clue as to how to accomplish this – 6 of Wands

6 of WIN!! The figure returning from… wherever he’s been, continues the story told in these cards if I imagine he has been away, “rebirthing” himself, finding his inner balance. Celebrate your victories. Come into your full glory; embrace it.


The Quint for this spread is The Universe, so I went looking for the last spread this card appeared in. It was actually the last reading I did with the World Spirit and The Universe was the Quint for that spread too.

Appropriately, it was the Threshold Spread. When you cross a threshold, there has to be a death; something left behind as you go forward and it’s important to keep your balance as you transition from one state into another.

The World Dancer’s pose also reflects that of the woman in the 2 of Pents. If I can achieve the effortless equilibrium of the 2, then the overall effect is to dance outside of, and simultaneously in harmony with, the world at large and my inner workings.

Overall, the message seems to be “don’t give up, you’re close. It just needs a little finessing.” Thanks, World Spirit!

ETA: It seems this need for active change, discovery, trial and error is in keeping with the Sabian symbols for this New Moon!


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